Measure of a Mission: The Exceptional by Example Campaign

Over the course of nine years, UMBC’s Exceptional by Example Campaign raised money to invest in a community without boundaries, made up of teachers, students and researchers who come from every imaginable background and share a commitment to academic excellence and innovative thinking.

More than $115 million was raised to provide resources that advance the mission and vision of UMBC. More than $65 million has been earmarked for programs that support student scholarship and success, and more than $46 million has been allocated to support research and creativity at UMBC.

“Exceptional examples” of the tangible results of this campaign can be seen everywhere on campus, giving us reason to truly celebrate a fundraising effort — along with the more than 22,000 individual donors who contributed — that will continue to strengthen UMBC for years to come.

*   *   *

Measure of a Mission: Look past the spreadsheets and statistics and you’ll find stories of individual people who gave to the campaign and those whose lives and education were advanced in the effort.  >>  Read about “Exceptional Examples”

By the Numbers
: Learn more about who gave, how the money has been used and why community is so very important to the campaign effort.  >> Read about Campaign stats

Q&A with Alumni Leaders:  At the end of the campaign, UMBC Magazine sat down with four prominent alumni, including past (Anita Maddox Jackson ’80) and present (Bennett Moe ’88) presidents of the UMBC Alumni Board, a long-term donor (Emmerson Small ’74), and UMBC’s vice president of Institutional Advancement (Greg Simmons ’04), to talk about its success and the future.  >> Read the full interview

Originally published in September 2011

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