Donor Jackson ’80 Meets Scholarship Winner

Junior Nia Hampton and Anita Jackson '80, HESP

Deciding to support student scholarships is often a very personal thing. For some, it represents a certain pay-it-forward sort of attitude that comes with the experience of once being a scholarship recipient. For others in the know, it is a realization that financial limits place seemingly impossible burdens upon some students – and that without support, many of those students will not graduate. Read more about scholarship need.

Anita Jackson ’80, health science and policy, a past UMBC Alumni Board president, understands both sides of it. As a student, she struggled to pay for school; as an alumni leader, she has seen the need in current generations. That’s why she makes student scholarships a priority today.  Read more about Anita’s gift.

Jackson comes back to UMBC once a year to have lunch with students who benefit from her scholarship. Above, she and junior media and communications major Nia Hampton (left), the 2010-2011 and the 2011-2012 Anita Maddox Jackson and Everett Jackson Scholar, enjoy a photo together.  Jackson’s other scholar, senior dance major Arnesha Reives, was unable to attend.

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