UMBC Student-Athletes Give Back to the Community

By Ashley Miller ’12, UMBC Athletic Communications Intern

UMBC student-athletes are devoted to giving back to both the campus and neighboring community. These young men and women make significant contributions to society as often as they can. Teams as well as individual student-athletes are involved in numerous charity and community organizations.

“UMBC Athletics is proud of the work our student-athletes do in the community,” said Kelly Fahey ’07, coordinator of student-athlete affairs at UMBC. “We are excited to further develop our relationships with the surrounding community and our partnerships with local organizations.”

This fall has been a busy semester for the Retrievers, as they raised money for various fundraisers, collected shoes for the less fortunate, and even met with younger children to discuss the importance of education and physical fitness.

Read the full story about work done with Soles for Souls, Race for the Cure, Young Life Capernaum, Meadowood Education Center, League of Dreams, and the Casey Cares Foundation here.

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