Annual Giving: Hitting Our Goals

Some of our delightful student callers.

UMBC’s Annual Giving Program hit a major milestone this week, surpassing last year’s donor participation total of 2,030 with more than six weeks left to go before the end of UMBC’s fiscal year.

An integral part of the program’s success this year was the introduction of an in-house student calling program.  Throughout the year, more than 40 UMBC undergraduate and graduate students came together in the evening hours to make calls to alumni.  They have more than doubled the number of first-time donors to the university since last year.

UMBC’s Annual Giving Program is hoping to secure a total of 2,500 donors by June 30, said Dayna Carpenter, who oversees annual giving.

“It’s exciting to think about how close we are to hitting our goal and being able to help even more students at UMBC.”

The students celebrated the end of classes with a barbecue in the front yard of Alumni House and the presentation of caller “superlatives.”

As student callers gathered to celebrate their successes – and enjoy some delicious ‘cue – Phonathon supervisor Chad Whistle handed out prizes to the “most ambitious” and “most helpful” callers, as well as “most likely to refuse candy during shift” and “most likely to win a Nobel prize.”

Students were also recognized for top dollars raised. Alex, an economics major from Severn, drew top honors by raising $13,481.22 in his time as a student caller.

“Our students are fantastic, and we want them to know how much their work means to UMBC,” said Whistle. “They put so much into what they do, and it really shows.”

Haven’t made your annual gift to UMBC yet? Click here to give online.

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