Student Callers Are Excited to Speak with You!

Today marks the kick-off of the fall Phonathon season, which means a new crop of UMBC students is eager to chat with you about everything from classes, to careers, to your experiences as a student, and — of course — the reasons why giving back is so very important to them.

Over the next months, we’ll be sharing the stories of a number of our student callers with you on this blog. Meanwhile, though, here’s a dispatch from Phonathon coordinator Chad Whistle, and a cute photo of our fabulous callers. When you hear the phone ring, please pick it up!

The work of a UMBC Phonathon caller doesn’t end when they hang up their headsets. When students left the call center in May, they couldn’t stop talking about the work they were doing. Although they may not have been updating alumni and parent records all summer, they were asking their peers to join in the efforts! This fall, more than 170 students applied to be a part of UMBC’s Phonathon team. With a knowledgeable returning staff and many new, fresh callers on-board, we’re ready to pick up and begin reaching out to alumni and parents once again this week.

The UMBC Phonathon team covers nearly all majors and has more than 10 international students and 5 graduate students on staff. Each night Student Supervisors, selected leaders among the callers, play nightly games (this semester’s games are all Harry Potter themed!), motivate and encourage callers, and help to coach new students.

This fall, the Phonathon team is very excited to share news with alumni and parents about the Dr. Hrabowski’s 20th anniversary at UMBC, the opening of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building, and of course, Homecoming! UMBC Phonathon callers really enjoy connecting with alumni and parents. Aside from working on their communication skills, their biggest perk is getting to hear how the UMBC education has played a valuable role in the career path of alumni. Callers are encouraged to share their own majors, career aspirations, and activities they’re involved in, making alumni and parents even prouder Retrievers.

We look forward to speaking with you!

— Chad Whistle, Phonathon Coordinator

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