Tools You Can Use: Planned Giving

Planned gifts play an important role in maintaining UMBC’s financial commitments and ensuring that future generations will continue to achieve excellence. When you include a gift to UMBC in your estate and financial plans, you demonstrate your belief in the importance of learning and join with thousands of other supporters to keep UMBC strong.

But how you start the planned giving process? Well, look no further than UMBC Giving online, which has plenty of free tools you can use to figure it all out!

  • Plan by Age: Want to learn more about the estate, financial and gift planning topics that matter to you? Select the age group that best describes you to get started.
  • Estate Planning: Understand your best options by learning more about wills, revocable living trusts, living wills, power of attorney and more.
  • Quiz Yourself: Test your know-how on a variety of financial planning and planned giving topics.

Learn more about Planned Giving online at!

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