Double Your Dollars: It’s Not Too Late to Match Your Gift

doubledollarsThe end of the calendar year means a lot of things. Holidays with family. Gifts and waaaaay too many goodies. And, of course, that last-minute rush to make philanthropic gifts in time for them to count for your taxes.

Now that 2013 is firmly here, your mind has probably moved on to new things (except, perhaps, how to undo the previously mentioned goodies). But, where philanthropy is concerned, it’s not too late to double the impact of the gift you made in 2012.

Wondering whether your company matches gifts to support UMBC? Click here.

Many companies, in fact, have spring deadlines for submitting matching gift request forms. And, with the click of a link, you can take advantage of money just waiting to be donated. Don’t miss out! These are just a few of many such opportunities:

  • Boeing — Employee request deadline: January 31. Click here.
  • Verizon — Employee request deadline: March 31. Click here.
  • Bank of America/Merrill Lynch — Employee request deadline: March 31. Click here.
  • T. Rowe Price — Employee request deadline: February 20. Click here.
  • GE — Employee request deadline: April 15. Click here.

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