Making a Difference, One Spring Break at a Time

Alternative Spring Breaks

Spring break. For most students, it holds the promise of sunshine and freedom – an escape from the busy world of school. But for other students, spring break means a chance to learn something new and make a difference in the world. That’s where Alternative Spring Break (ASB) comes in. These week-long service trips introduce students to the broad range of challenges our society faces and teach them how they can help change things for the better. Your gift can help them do amazing work, like this:

Lending a Hand

Through the “Will Hope for Change” trip, students will work together to make a difference right here in Baltimore. This trip provides students the opportunity to help our city’s homeless residents. By working with programs that help to combat this issue, students will gain a better understanding of the struggles that come with being homeless and the impact of helping people right in your own neighborhood.

Living Green

UMBC students on the “A Better Impact” trip will spend a week exploring green spaces in Maryland and learning how to live more sustainably. Each day, students will reflect on the different aspects of sustainable living, and they’ll enjoy the rewards of promoting this lifestyle as they explore Maryland’s topography.

How Can You Help?

These will be special trips; the kind that students will remember for life. But they need your help to get there, quite literally.

Donations will go directly to the costs of the spring break service learning experience for 15 UMBC students. All donations collected will be used for supplies, lodging, food and transportation during the 2013-2014 ASBs. Thank you for your support!

Support trips and initiatives like these!

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