Ways to Give: Support the Annual Fund

academic rowWhen we talk with our alumni, they often tell us UMBC not only taught them what they needed to earn a degree, but also what they needed to live their lives in an engaged, active way.

For some, all it took was the special attention of an extraordinary teacher. For others, it was the chance brush with another culture that caused a sea change of perspective.

Think about ways UMBC has enriched your life. Now, imagine a university where everyone knew its worth in their lives – and what might happen if each of those people supported it at whatever level they could. Every year.

umbc students

Imagine what we could all do together. You know that every little bit counts, but it becomes even clearer when you see what might be possible if each of UMBC’s more than 60,000 alumni made a gift in support of UMBC’s Annual Fund. The results would be phenomenal:

  • If every alum gave $10, UMBC would have $600,000 to fund new scholarships, research opportunities, faculty training, and more…
  • If every alum gave $15, UMBC would have $900,000…
  • If every alum gave $20, UMBC would have $1.2 million…


And it only takes one person to start the movement. When you make your gift to the annual fund, you’re making a public and important show of support.

Annual fund gifts have an immediate and direct impact on academic and other resources for our students. Did you know that state funds provide less than 25% of the university’s operating budget? And that tuition and fees alone do not cover the full cost of a UMBC education?

That’s why your gift to the department, area, or program you care most about helps keep a UMBC education within reach for our students and families.

scienceWe are extremely proud of and honored by the support we receive each year. We are amazed at the generosity of UMBC’s supporters, from alumni, faculty and staff to friends of the university, corporations, foundations, parents and even current students themselves. We know that your gifts are an indication of your belief in the work that we do here and the potential of our amazing students. 

Change lives. Make a gift to the annual fund today!

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