Meet Your Student Callers: Shannon, Class of 2016

Phonathon 3

Once a month, we’ll profile one of the amazing Phonathon students working in UMBC’s call center. This week, say hello to student caller Shannon, class of 2016.

Shannon is from Montgomery County, MD, and is working toward a degree in political science with a minor in psychology. We sat down with Shannon to get to know her a little better and here’s what we learned:

Q: Why did you choose to come to UMBC?

A: I chose UMBC because I believe it is an academically strong campus. Also, when I visited for the first time I automatically fell in love with the campus and believed that I could really see myself being a part of the UMBC community.

Q: What activities do you enjoy outside of class?

A: Outside of class I take advantage of many activities UMBC has to offer. One thing offered is volunteering opportunities such as BARCS. BARCS is an animal shelter located in Baltimore and I try to visit as much as I can on Sundays. I really enjoy being able to get away from schoolwork and being able to relax by walking/playing with dogs. I also enjoy the fact that I am helping bettering an animal’s life.

Q: What do you like best about being a student caller?

A: What I like best about being a student caller is talking with alumni and listening to their experiences here at UMBC. A lot has changed since some alumni have graduated and updating them on how much our campus has improved makes me proud to go to school here.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: Hopefully, I plan to continue on to law school and become a lawyer.

Q: What do you enjoy most now that you’re here?

A: I very much enjoy our school spirit and sense of community. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and I feel right at home here.

Learn more about the UMBC Phonathon!

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