With You, We Can Support Undergrad Research

Editor’s note: Here at UMBC, our students are the heartbeat of campus, and we are committed to providing them the best possible education. So, for the month of March, we will be highlighting our amazing academic departments, some of their recent achievements, and ways that you can help fund their continued excellence.

Your gift is extremely important and many of our students are depending on you. Please show your support and make an impact today. With you we can make a difference.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry department is proud to announce that last year 76 B.S., 4 M.S., and 4 Ph.D. students joined the ranks of its illustrious alumni; almost 50% were female students and 30% were from underrepresented groups. The department would also like to welcome Dr. Zeev Rosenzweig as its new chair. Before coming to UMBC, Dr. Rosenzweig served eight years as program director at the National Science Foundation Chemistry Division.

With your help, the Chemistry and Biochemistry department can continue supporting undergraduate research and supplying new equipment to our students.

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mathstatThe Mathematics and Statistics department is pleased to announce that Dr. Bedřich Sousedík will be joining the faculty this fall. Before to coming to UMBC, Dr. Sousedík was a research associate at the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland, College Park. The department is also pleased to announce that the 9th Annual Probability and Statistics Day will be held this spring; the event is funded by the National Security Agency and will consist of workshops and a one-day conference.

With your help, the Mathematics and Statistics department can continue awarding scholarships and funding student trips to national conferences.

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pyicshThe Physics department would like to welcome its 10 new Ph.D. candidates: Reed Espinosa, Daniel Miller, Daniel Orozco, and John Sullivan are candidates in the atmospheric program; Fernando Calderon Vargas, John Diehl, Alex Henegar, Garrett Hickman, Diana Marcu, and Jane Sprigg are candidates in the physics program. The department is also proud to announce that its Atmospheric Physics graduate program is in the process of performing collaborative research with NASA and NOAA.

With your help, the Physics department can continue supporting undergraduate and graduate research and awarding scholarships.

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