With You, We Can Send Students Abroad

Editor’s note: Here at UMBC, our students are the heartbeat of campus, and we are committed to providing them the best possible education. So, for the month of March, we will be highlighting our amazing academic departments, some of their recent achievements, and ways that you can help fund their continued excellence.

Your gift is extremely important and many of our students are depending on you. Please show your support and make an impact today. With you we can make a difference.

Geo and Environmental SysThe Geography and Environmental Systems Department is proud to announce that it has doubled its majors to 320, launched a graduate program that offers M.S., M.P.S., and Ph.D degrees, as well as expanded its space to the basement of Sondheim. The department would also like to announce that it has added new faculty members to their department.

With your help the Geography and Environmental Studies department can provide support for undergraduate research projects, its Book Scholarship Program, and class field trips.

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HistoryThe History Department is pleased to share that last year, it supported the John Jeffries International Fellowship Fund and encouraged undergraduate and graduate travel and research opportunities by funding trips to national conferences where students presented their research.

With your help the history department can continue supporting these worthwhile initiatives and continue providing students a top-rate education.

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Socio and AnthroThe Sociology and Anthropology Department is pleased to announce that last year, Robert Barrett, an anthropology and biochemistry double major, studied abroad at Manipal University in India. The department is also thrilled to announce that Kelsey Krach ‘14, anthropology, has been accepted to the Visual and Digital Media masters program at the Institutuo de Empresa in Madrid, Spain. Krach is a Sondheim Nonprofit Leadership Fellow and competed as a finalist for a Fulbright Award.

With your help the sociology and anthropology department can cover travel costs to national research conferences, foster undergraduate research, and fund student scholarships.

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