With You, We Can Provide State-of-the-Art Equipment

Editor’s note: Here at UMBC, our students are the heartbeat of campus, and we are committed to providing them the best possible education. So, for the month of March, we will be highlighting our amazing academic departments, some of their recent achievements, and ways that you can help fund their continued excellence.

Your gift is extremely important and many of our students are depending on you. Please show your support and make an impact today. With you we can make a difference.

10253753_10152428862635763_7168937595574120359_nThe Emergency Health Services department is proud to share that since 1980, it has provided an exceptional educational experience for future EMS leaders and professionals. The department has also been involved with the development of the EMS profession worldwide through their participation in national and international organizations, conference presentations, and cutting-edge research.

With your help, the Emergency Health Services department can continue awarding scholarships, providing an active learning environment, and supplying state-of-the-art equipment.

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10178091_10202943339277940_6941546641407171669_nThe Health Administration and Policy Program is thrilled to announce that Regine Charlot ’14, health administration and policy program, has accepted a one-year position with Haiti’s Minister of Public Health. In her new role, she will evaluate and write recommendations to help alleviate Haiti’s health concerns and improve access to remote areas where little to no medical attention is provided. The department is also proud to announce that five of its graduating students last spring were nominees for valedictorian, and in winter, they graduated a record number of 45 students.

With your help, the Health Administration and Policy department can continue funding the Health Administration and Policy Program Council of Majors, and providing opportunities for the International Field Research (IFR) program.

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251293_218415591514336_4403744_nThe Psychology department is pleased to share that last year, it awarded scholarships, supported undergraduate and graduate student research, and funded student trips to national conferences.

With your help, the Psychology department can continue supporting these worthwhile initiatives and continue providing students a top-rate education.

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