Meet Your Graduating Seniors: Bernadette, Dan, Kara, and Jessica

Our UMBC Phonathon student callers are a vital part of our organization. We recently asked a few of our graduating seniors–who are now some of our newest alumni–to tell us what they loved most about UMBC and where they’re going next!

Bernadette “I have grown to appreciate UMBC because of its small size. Here at UMBC I have made many personal and professional connections that I attribute to the close-knit community.” ~Bernadette Amihere ’15


dan armstrong“There are some awesome professors at this university who educate like it’s their passion, not their job.” ~Dan Armstrong




Kara Lopez“I hope to find a great-paying job that I enjoy doing and that involves solving environmental issues.” ~Kara Lopez




Jessica Aname“I plan on going to graduate school to obtain a Masters in Public Health and a focus on Epidemiology.” ~Jessica Aname

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