Did You Know?

Your gift is worth much more than you think.


UMBC is a great place to get an education, make friends, and build your future — but many alumni don’t realize how many donors made their experience possible. Although most of our donations support student scholarships, we also raise funds for programs to build on-campus community, help students connect with employers, and extend learning beyond the classroom to include real-world research and exploration.

When you give back, you fund all the things that have made UMBC known for exceptional undergraduate education and research after just 50 years.

Another thing most alumni don’t realize is that our reputation depends on you. The percentage of alumni who give back each year contributes to our national ranking, meaning that when you make a donation of any size, you’re helping to strengthen the value of your degree.

Most importantly, as a donor, you can feel confident that 100% of your gift goes straight to the program, department, or group you choose. You can support whatever means the most to you, while also supporting the university that means so much to all of us.

Make your gift of any size today. It’s an easy way to make a big difference.

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