Constellation Awards E2 Energy to Educate Grant to UMBC’s Information Systems Department

constellationFor the second year in a row, UMBC has been awarded an E2 Energy to Educate grant from Constellation. E2 Energy to Educate grants support learning-focused, team-oriented projects that yield specific results, reach at least 100 students, and align with one of three energy knowledge and innovation focus areas:

  • Energy science: the science required to create new energy solutions
  • Energy technology: how energy technology is making it to market
  • Energy education: the interface of information technology and energy technology

Dr. Nimrayla Roy, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, leads the UMBC project team. A group of 200 information systems students are engaging in a project where wireless smart plugs are monitoring and compiling data on the power consumption of small to medium load appliances. The data will then be analyzed by the students who will build a web-based portal for visualizing detailed historic and real-time energy consumption. Ultimately, these systems will make energy consumption visible and actionable. The students will also investigate motivational practices to convince individual consumers to reduce their energy footprints.

UMBC thanks Constellation for their continued support!

Strong Scholars at UMBC

hmstrong_profile_lrgUMBC is thrilled to be the newest school to participate in the Strong Scholars Program with the Hattie M. Strong Foundation. The program provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in teacher-training programs.

The foundation continues the legacy of its founder, Hattie M. Strong. Prior to becoming a philanthropist, she lived a life of considerably less ease, including raising a son as a single mother and journeying with him across the continent to find work during the Alaska Gold Rush!

After marrying Henry Strong of the Eastman Kodak Company, she dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate than her. She supported a variety of causes including hospitals, educational institutions, and social service agencies in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. You can learn more about Hattie Strong here.

UMBC’s Education Department selected its first Strong Scholars in January and will continue to make new awards each year. The scholarships will benefit who are completing their student-teaching at a local K-12 school. The scholarship provides important financial aid during a semester where students are incredibly busy and often stretched thin financially.

We know that this scholarship will make a tremendous difference to these students. UMBC is incredibly thankful to have such generous foundation partners!

Contact the department to find out more about UMBC’s Strong Scholars Program.