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ThankYou_TwoLevelsThank you to everyone who supported UMBC during the 2011-2012 fiscal year. This listing includes alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, organizations and matching gift companies. We truly appreciate all you do for UMBC.


* = deceased

ABack to Top
A & P Maintenance and Repairs, LLC
A Matter of Time & Convenience
Vincent K. and Alma R. Aaron
Fouad M. ’82 and Maria G. ’02 Abbas
Abbott Fund
Nancy L. Abell
Roberto L. Abello ’95
Mary H. Aberg
About Faces Day Spa & Salon
Anil ’95 and Sissy R. Abraham
Brianna D. Abrams
Ace Consultants
Active Voice
Angela N. Adams ’89
Darlene F. Adams
Harold L. and Janice Adams
Linda R. Adams ’00
Crystal Adegbola
Anthony K. and Omolara A. Adenikinju
Julius and Grace Adewumi
Messanvi R. and Ruth P. Adjogah
Nicholas S. ’90 and Pamela Adler
Adventist HealthCare
Mark and Joan A. Aebig
Harvey R. ’73 and Vicki Aefsky
AEGON USA Charitable Foundation
AFCEA Educational Foundation
Evelyn Afoakwah ’00
Ali J. Afrookteh ’74
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Jonathan R. and Teresa M. Agre
Maria D. Aguinaga
Ray S. Ahmed ’07
Syed A. and Jannatul F. Ahmed
Neelkamal Ahuja-Agarwal ’00 and Abhishek Agarwal
Jeffrey S. and Susan S. Aichele
AIDS Action Baltimore, Inc.
Shawn J. Airey ’02
AJ Stationers
Fabian Ajagba
Osunde F. Akamune and Felicia U. Bassey-Akamune
Andreas N. Akaras ’92
Don A. and Lisa G. Akchin
Louise E. ’79, ’92 and Raymond Akerson
Marilyn M. Aklin
Jennifer K. Al Naber ’03
Oluwaseye Alabi ’03
Steven R. and Harriet B. Albersheim
Steve M. and Kimberly A. Alcorn
John R. and Elizabeth M. Aldonas
Jennifer E. ’93 and William Aldrich
Berook T. Alemayehu ’09
Boris Alemi
John W. and Carol L. Alex
Adam N. Alexander ’10
Drew F. Alfgren ’04
Agnes B. Alignay ’88
All American Awards Athletics and Gifts, Inc.
Connie Allen ’97
George and Joan Allen
Harry L. and Janice G. Allen
Jeannie E. ’97 and H. David Allen
Maureen M. Allen ’88
Paul X. ’79 and Frances J. Allen
Sheila A. Allen ’07
Yohance M. Allette ’10
Ricardo R. Alleyne ’97
John W. ’06, ’08 and Patricia Alli
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Allinder Forestry Services, LLC
Michael Allinder
Allstate Corporation
Jose S. and Eileen N. Almario
Juan D. Almonte-Ciprian ’10
Richard F. Alokonis
Shawn Alokonis and Carol A. Dawson
Neil S. ’75 and Linda W. Alpern
Shelley R. Alter ’00, ’10
Mark L. ’95 and Linda A. Althouse
Marian E. ’84 and Frank E. Altoz
Alumni and Friends of UMBC
John G. and Jennifer A. Alvarez
Juan A. and Ada D. Alvarez, Jr.
Marlene H. Amdur-Ferguson ’79 and Walter W. Ferguson
American Association of Anatomists
American Visionary Art Museum
Haider A. Amin ’05
Ali A. ’85 and Syeda M. Amir
Charles A. Amos ’90
James L. Amos
Karen D. Amos ’87
Christine D. Anchan ’10
Darrel W. ’84 and Dorothy J. Anderson
India S. ’80 and Earl W. ’89 Anderson
James V. Anderson, III ’74
Kevin S. Anderson ’84
Matthew and Joni Anderson
Rosemary A. Anderson ’95
Steven K. Anderson ’87
Sean B. Andersson and Victoria E. Hom
Jacqueline M. ’86 and John M. Andrews, Jr.
Marco G. Angelini ’05
John C. Angelos ’87
Marsha G. Ansel ’73
Darlene S. ’94 and Enrique E. Antezana
Lauren L. Anthony ’09, ’11
Ronald E. Antlitz
John A. Antoniades and Sandra D. Postman
George V. Antonopoulos ’93
J. Jeffrey Anzevino ’85
Neil B. Apfel ’06
Michael J. Apicella ’80
Henry R. and Rhonda K. Apodaca, Jr.
Mark A. Apodaca
Erin Appel ’00
Applied Technology Services
Nestor R. Apuya ’92
Marsha K. ’88 and Luis A. Aranda
Kevin J. ’84 and Teresa A. Arber
Allan D. ’77 and Donna L. Arbogast
Kyle M. Archer ’87
Stephanie D. Archer-Smith ’85
Shashank Aribandi ’10
Joseph ’81 and Rebecca A. Arlauskas
Karine Armen ’85
Jeffrey S. Armiger ’79
Vivian C. Armor ’73
Joseph E. and Anne Q. Armstead, Jr.
Joseph E. and Carole J. Armstead, Sr.
Jean E. Armstrong ’85
Donald and Carol Arner
James E. Arnold
Mary Jane Arnold
Laura M. Arnwine
Aronow Family Foundation
Pritma Arora ’11
Shobhna Arora ’06
Mimi Arsenault
Kevin and Bernadette Arthur
Artisan II, Inc.
Paul C. and Sandra Y. Artola
Wendy W. Ashburn ’86
Ellen Z. ’77 and Myron S. Asher
Syed S. ’93 and Farah Ashruf
Stephen P. Askew ’90
THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Kenneth Ast
Marc J. Atas ’77
Andrew D. Atiemo ’96
Emmanuel A. and Charlotte A. Atiemo
Angela C. Atkins ’81, ’11
James P. Atsaides ’71
Debra R. Attman ’74
Gail S. ’78 and Peter J. Atwater
Emily L. ’94 and Ronald J. Aubin
Scott P. Auchter ’08
Arnold M. Auerhan ’78
Donald W. ’95 and Voula P. Augustin
Robert A. Auld ’95, ’08
Jo Ann ’93 and Dean D. Aulick
A. Brian Ault ’80 and Katherine Kluckmal-Ault
Gilbert R. Austin
Kenneth R. and Janice B. Avery
Awaken Wellness
Axom Technologies, Inc.
Inae K. ’92 and David M. ’04 Ayer
Teresa L. Aylsworth
Deepak N. Ayyala ’09

BBack to Top
Kenneth R. ’78 and Laura A. Baake
Bacchus Importers, Ltd.
Kevin J. ’81 and Patricia Backe
Christopher E. Bacon ’89
Yawo ’10 and Ama S. Badagbo
BAE Systems, Inc.
Eun H. Baek ’99
Donald Bafford
Gregory P. Bagley
Peter P. Bagley ’84
Brian S. Bailey ’07
Connie C. Bailey
Cynthia T. ’95 and Arthur K. Bailey
Daniel W. Bailey
Karen E. ’91 and Dana Bailey
Karen Bair
Ravi S. and Anuradha M. Bajpai
Earnestine B. Baker
Henry V. ’78, ’84 and Susan E. Baker, II
Jay L. Baker ’80
Lisa C. Baker ’81
Robert Baker and Katherine E. Rowan
Linda Baker-Lombardi
Mahesh Balakrishnan ’06
Susan F. Balant ’83
Arnold P. Balatgek
Mark and Holly A. Balatgek
Sally J. and Kenneth R. Balch
David W. Baldwin ’83
Philip H. Baldyga ’83
Sarah J. Ball ’09
Jennifer M. Ballenger
Judith A. Ballenger
Idowu and Tanya G. Balogun
Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company, Inc.
Baltimore Community Foundation
Baltimore Kickers, Inc.
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Inc.
Stephen E. Bands ’09
Eugene L. ’73 and Marjorie C. Bandy
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Vinson M. Bankoski ’11
David B. ’00, ’04 and Stephanie J. Banks
Jeffrey D. Banks ’07, ’09
Scott J. Banks ’94
Lynne C. Banning
Robert A. Banz ’95
Patricia A. Barget ’84
Mary Claire ’09 and Edward Bark
Stephen F. Barker
Susan A. Barker ’03
Timothy S. ’87 and Ann E. Barkley
Dorothy C. ’85 and Harold L. Barnes, III
Judson and Rosemary Barnes
Karen U. Barnes
Kristy A. Barnes ’02
Gregory H. * and Lisa A. Barnhill
Carolyn L. Baron ’88
Mark A. Baron ’72
Dominick Barone
Neal C. Baroody ’84
Jill Barr
Frank D. ’79 and Cynthia L. Barron
Matt and Claire Barry
William J. and Marie M. Barry
Brian C. ’98 and Tammie D. Barth
George ’73 and Rebecca Barth
Leo J. and Mary T. Barton
Joseph A. ’01 and Anne Baruch
Basignani Winery
Francesco and Judith A. Basile
Mazie M. Baskin ’99
Frank D. Bateman ’86
Monica V. Bates ’85
Stephanie A. Bates ’97
Christopher and Particia J. Bauer
Brian A. ’94 and Angel N. Baum
Christian A. Baumann ’92 and Mayme L. Silverthorn
James R. Baumgardner
Baxter International, Inc.
Taryn M. Bayles
James M. and Donna Baynes
J.J. and Patti R. Beacham
Ralph H. and Carol A. Beachley, Jr.
Stephanie M. Beall ’10
William L. and Elizabeth M. Beals
Jeffrey and Jennifer Bean
C. Elizabeth Beasley ’73 and Robert D. Kearney
Richard W. Beath ’85
Jack K. Beaton ’04
Beaty Family Fund
Richard D. and Clara F. Beavers
Thomas J. and Emma J. Beavers
Ionut I. ’06 and Dana Bebu
Beck Radiological Innovations, Inc.
Gina C. ’90 and Thomas E. Beck
Kevin D. Beck ’02
Thomas J. Beck
Tyler F. Beck ’07, ’08
Frances E. Becker ’92
John D. Becker, Jr. ’01
Becton Dickinson
Albert and Julie Bednarik, Jr.
Alexa W. Bedwell ’96, ’99
Niloupar M. Beegan ’03
Thomas and Traci A. Begley
Mark E. and Linda A. Behm
Paul W. ’80, ’83 and Tessie ’80 Behrens
Nancy S. Beith
Warren J. Belasco
Peter B. Bell ’74 and Lise K. Satterfield ’84
Sheryl R. Bell ’77
John Belling
Diane Bell-McKoy ’73
Hal M. Belok ’10
Edilberto H. ’86 and Victoria O. Beltran, Jr.
Doris A. Bemis
Scott R. ’88 and Barbara A. Bemis
Benchmark Assisted Living, LLC
Joseph E. Benham ’11
David A. Benigni ’94 and Cecile R. Daniels
Gary and Patricia Benner
Deborah E. Bennett
Geoffrey W. Bennett ’07, ’11
Richard W. and Jane R. Bennett
Sherwood Bennett
Carol A. Bennett-Kelehan ’83 and Stephen J. Kelehan
Jacqueline Benson
Joseph J. and Cecilia Benson
Lisa M. Benton ’97
Bridget K. Berardino ’94, ’00
Rodney S. ’91 and Stacey L. Beres
Samantha L. Berg
Douglas C. Berger ’76 and Shawn P. Cochran
Gary A. Berger ’72
Avinash and Andrea Beri
Rebecca L. Berkeley ’70
Steven E. ’77 and Catherine L. Berkenkemper
Emily S. Berman ’07
Jessica Y. Berman ’07
Sherman B. and Angela A. Bernard
Rita J. Berndt ’71
Joseph H. and Michele E. Bernheimer
Gary N. and Elise C. Berry
Richard W. Berwanger ’73
Ruth A. Besse ’85
Best Western – BWI Airport
William E. Bettridge, Sr.
John R. and Linda L. Bevard
Michael E. Beyer ’03
Robert M. Beyer
Timothy and Kimberly A. Beyer
Srinivas Bhagavatula ’04
Tamara A. Bhalla
Sunita K. Bhatia ’87
Amit Bhattacharyya ’94
Dulal K. ’88 and Runa Bhaumik
Cassie L. Bichy
Beverly A. Bickel ’94, ’05 and David K. Truscello ’04
Kay D. Bidle ’91
Dawn M. ’03 and Anthony S. Biedenkapp
Catherine M. Bielawski ’77
Bikram Yoga Hampden
Jeanne E. Bilanin ’05
Barbara E. Billingslea ’95
James R. Bilney
John D. Bilney
Portia D. Bingham ’87
Louis E. ’92 and Debra K. Binkley, Jr.
Albert C. ’76 and Patricia H. Biondo
Heather A. ’97 and Erik S. Bischoff
Adam H. ’06 and Wendy B. Bishop
Anika C. Bissahoyo ’98
Philippe Bissohong-Ngue ’07
Dale E. Bittinger
Faith A. Bivens ’03
Black Ankle Vineyards
Mari Blackburn ’82
Richard P. and Claudette Blackistone, Jr.
Barbara B. Blacksberg
Kevin E. Blackstone
Kathleen M. ’78 and James D. Blackwell
Arthur J. Blake ’92, ’08
Arthur F. Blakely
Lamont E. Blakely, Jr. ’00
Byron W. and Linda D. Blanchard
Laurinda S. Bland ’96
Darleen H. ’85 and Phillip J. Blaney
Linda L. Blankenship
Mark S. Blatt ’84
Nancy S. Blevins
Peter D. Block ’08
Brenda B. ’93, ’02 and John W. Blom
Gabija Blotzer ’70
Charles L. Blount ’05
Thomas and Susan M. Blunck
Sarah M. Blusiewicz ’08
Marcia L. Boardley ’90
David P. and Norma R. Bochinski
Cynthia L. Boddie-Willis
Diane S. ’90 and William J. Bodziak, Jr.
Rebecca L. Boehling
Keith A. Boenning ’79
Stephen J. Bogdan ’07
Charles V. and Darlene M. Bolinger, IV
Patricia A. Bolinger
Jeffrey M. and Judith Bollinger
Jonathan A. Bollinger ’10, ’11
Bob Bond
Michelle C. Bond ’06
Robert J. Bonenberger, Jr. ’88
Robert L. ’97 and Kimberly G. ’99 Bonnette, Jr.
Peter R. and Rebecca Bono
Steven M. Bonsall ’91 and Wende C. Peters
Michelle L. Bontempo ’10
Charles A. Bookman
Katherine Boone
Lisa A. Boone ’03
Matthew P. Boone
Lee R. Boot
Jon G. Booth ’93 and Lori A. Robinson ’94, ’00
Paul S. and Shirley S. Booth
John E. Boritz ’87
George J. and Anitra Bornheimer, Jr.
George J. Bornheimer, Sr.
Paula P. Borrego
Elizabeth P. ’77 and Mark H. Borris
Deborah J. Bortot ’97
Patricia K. ’85 and George Bosmajian, III
Deyanna M. Boston ’02
Elizabeth R. Boston ’94
Cheryl B. Botts ’87
Paul and Deborah Boudra, Jr.
Janet L. Boudris ’76 and Thomas E. Goodrich
M. Sandra Bourbon ’93
Mary B. Bourbon ’91
John P. and Claudia L. Bourdon
Laurence N. and Lucie W. Bourne
Stephen N. Bove ’85
Denise L. ’08 and Randall K. Bowen
Greg E. Bowen ’88
Daniel S. Bowerman and Hope R. Victor
Connie J. Bowers ’76
David A. ’77 and B. Diane Bowers
Elizabeth A. Bowers
Lee F. ’02 and Pamela S. Bowes
Michael H. Bowler
Stephen P. Bowler ’94 and Anita M. Kraemer
M. Pamela Bowman
Sheila T. Bowman ’74
Thomas C. Boyce ’87, Jr. and Atina S. Harley-Boyce
Jeffrey Boyd, Sr. and Shirley Jenkins-Boyd
Nichole K. Boyd ’07
Richard and Patricia Boyd
Louise H. Boyer
Philip C. Boyer ’99
Thomas J. Boyle, Jr. ’73
BP America, Inc.
Keith A. and Denise Brace
William J. Bradford ’92
Lynn M. Bradley
Stephen S. Bradley
Frederick F. and Michele E. Braerman
Linda Brainer
Nikki R. Brandon ’99
Debra J. Brannan
Branta Enterprises, LLC
Jason A. Braspennickx ’93
Stephen E. Braude
Kirsten N. Bray ’91
Randy D. Brehne
Timothy J. Brennan
Kevin F. Bress ’81
Herbert A. and Lois Z. Brettschneider
The Brewers Art
Thomas and Joanne Brickwedde
Tiffani J. Bright ’04
Robert W. and Julie R. Brinton, Jr.
David H. and Tonja Bristow
Ryland G. Bristow, Jr.
Nancy S. Britcher ’75
Gary F. ’86 and Lorraine T. Broache
Janet A. Brock ’00
Sheldon E. ’84, ’90 and Linda M. Broedel, Jr.
Margaret H. Brofman
Hollie C. ’97 and Carl Brogunier
Justin A. Bronson ’09
John S. and Renee M. Brookbank, III
Daniel and Mary A. Brooking
Rhea M. Brooking-Dixon ’02 and Jason H. Dixon ’02
John and Chantal Brooks, Jr.
Johnny D. Brooks and Katherine D. Siggins
Matsuko ’06 and Harry F. Brooks, IV
Michael P. Brooks ’83
Sue ’87 and William Brooks
Barbara D. ’01, ’05 and Paul H. Broome
Roger G. and Margaret Brow
Brown Advisory
Alfred N. Brown
Anne H. Brown
Balvin R. Brown, Jr. ’02
Charles R. and Linda Brown
Cordia M. Brown ’00, ’04
Cornelius and Judith Brown
Evelyn V. Brown ’87, ’91
Joseph M. and Christine A. Brown
Patricia D. Brown
Richard M. Brown
Robert S. and Julie A. Brown
Stanley E. Brown ’77
Deborah R. Brown-Demery ’81
Carolyn J. ’84 and Dave C. Brownell
Lori A. Browning ’89
Suzanne Brozic ’00
Renee P. Bruce ’77
Sharon W. ’81 and Lawrence A. Bruce
Stanyell G. Bruce
Melody A. Brukiewa ’95
Sherrie Brun
James R. Bryan ’86 and Kimberly A. Ferguson
Kathy S. Bryan
Roderick S. Bryan ’02
Delbert R. and Clarice G. Bryant
Robert L. Bryant ’81
Sheree M. Bryant-Davidson ’89
Frances S. ’92 and Bert W. Bryner
Mark E. and Cathleen G. Bubb
Francis J. Bublavek ’78
Robert W. and Mary W. Buchanan, Jr.
Michael J. Buckhout-White ’04
Stephen C. Buckingham ’76
Vickie L. Buisset ’02
Beth A. Bullard ’98
Christina H. ’07 and David Bullman
Pamela R. Bullock ’80
David A. ’75 and Linda A. Bulluck
Joseph A. Bunag ’89
Jean M. Bunche
Susan C. ’89, ’96 and George V. Buonocore
Robert P. Burchard
Margo A. Burdette ’89
John J. ’85 and Janie C. Burdis
Edward D. and Ellen M. Burger
Linda L. Burger ’86
Delores E. Burgess ’81
Joyce M. Burke ’87
Cheryl A. Burke-Schwarz ’82
Joseph S. Burman ’76
Amber K. Burns ’03
Devin E. Burns ’08
Ellen D. ’79 and Michael C. Burns
George B. Burns
Wesley H. Busdiecker ’04
Michael J. Busges
Karole E. Butchok ’92, ’93
Morris L. ’95 and Kimberly A. ’97 Butler, Jr.
Patricia D. Butler ’97
William J. and Susan P. Butler
Richard and J. Jean Buyalos
Patrick and Kathy Byrne
Richard T. Byrne, Jr. ’86

CBack to Top
C & K Deli, Inc.
Ana M. Caballero Schwartz
CACI, Inc. – Federal
Pete and Mary B. Caddigan
Carla A. Caguin-Feld ’85, ’94 and Bennett S. Feld
Robert W. Cahall
Elinor B. Cahn
Randy I. Caldejon ’89
Diana H. Caldwell ’10
Robert M. Caldwell ’73
Pasquel J. Caliguire
Robert S. Callahan
John K. ’86 and Amy Calvert
Ralph D. and Kathleen G. Camardo
Cheryl A. Camillo
Jeffrey N. and Katherine M. Campbell
Jennifer W. ’88 and William W. ’88 Campbell
Jessica S. Campbell ’10
Robert I. Campbell
Sandra L. Campbell
The Candle Light Inn
Joy O. Candty ’09, ’10
Carlos C. Canepa ’04
Mark M. Canfield ’91
Raymond A. and Laurie J. Cangelosi
Philip R. ’77 and Mona L. Canter
Canton Orthopaedic & Sports Rehabilitation, Inc.
Christina E. Cantwell ’09, ’10
Claire E. Cantwell ’04
Julia E. Cantwell ’11
Yan Z. Cao ’11
The Caplan Group
Roger N. Caplan ’75
Sheldon and Jamie W. Caplis
Cornelia I. Carapcea ’09
Carlton L. Carden
Lloyd E. Carden
Jon S. Cardin ’96
Ralph J. Caretti
The Carey Firm, LLC
James C. Carlin ’81
Arnold G. and Marcia C. Carlson
Eric and Jill Carlson
Ira R. Carlson ’01
Bertha Carlton
Eric A. Carlton ’91
Carlyle High Street Ocean City
Shlomo and Rachel Carmi
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Daniel E. Carney ’88
Dennis T. and Christine R. Carney
Shawn M. and Amy L. Carney
Daniel J. ’04 and Megan J. Carpenter
Theodore M. Carpenter ’02, ’05
Thomas and Dayna Carpenter
Jennifer M. Carr ’95
Wanda L. Carrington ’99
Carson and April J. Carroll
Cyndi K. Carroll
Judith L. Carroll
Malissa M. Carroll ’09
Thomas F. Carroll, Jr. ’72
Jeff and Jill Carruthers
Weptanomah B. Carter Davis ’88
Frances D. Carter ’07, ’11
Helen M. ’06 and Richard E. Carter
John W. Carter ’11
Robert R. Carter, II ’83 and Cemora E. Newsome-Carter ’83
William J. Carter ’98, ’99 and Susan L. Dittbrenner
Todd E. Carton ’77
Ashley N. Carver
John F. ’80 and Elizabeth G. Cary
Erica C. Casacci
Salvatore J. ’78 and Jodi Cascio, IV
Sean W. Case ’01 and Lauren W. Roth
Annie E. Casey Foundation, Inc.
Barry L. Casey
Marguerite Casey Foundation
R. Steve Cassard, Jr. ’80
Sarah E. Cassel ’03
Maureen E. ’91 and Edward C. Cassidy, Jr.
William A. Castillo ’11
A. Charles Catania
Jeffrey S. ’04, ’09, ’11 and Misty R. Cather
Mark A. ’97 and Christina M. ’97 Cather
Michela Caudill
James and Dawn Causey
David R. ’79 and Suzanne Causton
Melvin L. Cauthen
Diane L. and Roger J. Cavanaugh
Center Stage
Monique E. Cephas ’92
Robert A. and Theresa Chaffer
Rajesh B. Chaitram ’06
Sumit Chakravarty ’08 and Madhushri Banerjee’11
Joelle M. Chall ’03
John N. Chambarlis ’81
Jason E. ’97 and Becky Chamberlain
Randall L. Chambers ’81
Championship Tournaments, LLC
Ashley Chance
Jay E. and Shelley M. Chance
P. H. and Carolyn Chandrasekar
Chuen-Chin K. Chang ’88, ’91
Eric and Patty Chang
Tony and Qiu Q. Chang
Michael A. Chapiro ’98
David R. Chapman ’06, ’08
Gayle E. ’11 and Raymond L. Chapman
Patricia D. Chapman ’83
Vicki J. Chapman
Panos G. Charalambides
Charles Studio
The Charlesmead Foundation
Charm City Cakes
Charm City Run, LLC
James L. and Kathy J. Chase
Jason M. Chase ’96
Stephen and Melinda Chase
Jihone Chen ’00
Xiu Y. Chen ’04, ’08
Clara M. Cheng ’95 and Chang-Tao Lee
Tak Y. Cheng ’05 and Yan D. Yi
Yao I. Cheng ’06 and Chongmin Wang
Mark S. and Kathleen T. Chenowith
Hao C. Cheong ’86
Dmitriy Cherches ’98
Ricki A. Cherry
Verneice Cherry
Chesapeake Professional Services
Richard Y. and Pixie Cheskis
Jamie J. ’04 and William Chew
Rithy ’02, ’11  and Lauren R. ’03 Chhay
Francis A. Chiafari ’82, ’90
Kate Chialastri ’10
Sean S. Chiang ’03
Nancy S. Chiles ’09
Kwok L. Chin ’97
Roger Chin and Su-Foun Wu
Sammantha Y. Chin ’11
George M. Chinnery ’05
Patricia Chiriboga Roby ’83 and Robert K. Roby
Richard P. and Barbara F. Chirieleison
Chizuk Amuno Congregation
Eleanor B. ’05 and R. Paul Chlan, Jr.
Phillip S. Cho
Ruth N. Cho ’08
Won Cho
Fow-Sen Choa
In H. Choi ’02
Kelly C. Christ ’98
Paul and Maria C. Christ
Karen L. Christensen
Mandy T. Christensen ’94
Donna M. Christian
William A. Christian, Jr. ’95
Brian J. Christianson ’76
Christopher Christodoulou ’81, ’86 and Hilary T. Gomes
Tula Christopoulos ’71 and Jeffrey J. Hondo
Buyoung Chung ’96
James C. Chuo ’05
Tony T. and Isabell C. Chuo
Eric P. Cicmanec ’90
Joseph and Cheryl Cilento
Dominic J. Cirincione, Jr. ’05, ’07
Rita R. Citrenbaum ’72
Jonathan W. Clancy ’11
Justin A. Clapp ’07
Steven R. Clapp ’84
Nicole R. Clardy ’06
Constance E. Clark ’94
James and Neva Clark
Lawrence M. Clark ’84
Nancy Clark
Robert W. Clark
Stephen and Andrea Clark
Stephen W. Clark ’72
Yvonne V. Clark ’83
Sweet Briar College Class of 1986 and Friends
Jonathan and Danielle C. Class
The Classic Catering People
Ruby J. Claunch ’90
Olivia M. Claus ’80
James P. ’85, ’91, ’93 and Elisabeth S. Clements
Jason M. ’94 and Jennifer M. ’95, ’00 Clements
Dale E. ’91 and Gina P. Clemons
The Cleveland Foundation
Andrew R. Cleveland ’09
Mark E. and Shari Clifton
Regina D. Clowser ’91
Jonathan P. Clunies ’84 and Karen B. Crenshaw
CMB Wireless Group, LLC
Coastline Chemical, Inc.
Dennis C. Coates
Pamela M. Cobo
Richard A. and Kathleen A. Cobo
Richard and Miriam Cochran
Ann M. Codori ’88, ’90
Anthony C. ’77 and Marcia D. Coe
John B. and Brita C. Coffie, Jr.
Maureen T. Cohee ’92
Adam J. Cohen ’08 and Huyen T. Nguyen ’08
Bonnie E. Cohen ’83 and Thomas E. Dudley
Harold C. Cohen ’88
Larry J. ’85 and Bonnie M. W. ’83 Cohen
Matthew A. and Mary L. Cohen
Stuart Z. Cohen ’75
Warren I. Cohen
Jerry and Eugenia Cohn
Jaree R. Colbert ’10
Mildred G. Colbert
Cole Resort Rentals
Donald G. and Cynthia Cole
Geoffrey A. Cole ’89 and Hedy Smith
June L. Cole ’79
Peter and Judy Cole
Clifton D. Coleman
Karen E. Coleman
Kevin P. Coleman ’02 and Hemalatha Ganapathy-Coleman ’04
Tonya H. Coleman
Gregory D. Coley ’95
Paul Colin and Jill Barnes
Cassandra D. ’74 and David D. Collins
James J. and Ernestine B. Collins
Joseph F. and Mary C. Collins
Kalonji R. Collins ’96
Richard J. Collins
Steven and Nilda Collins
Robert F. and Josephine Coluccio
The Columbus Foundation
Ionel and Daniela Coman
Daniel P. ’01 and Jill M. Comeaux
Michele M. ’02, ’06 and Joseph P. ’03 Comer
Christopher K. ’04 and Myriam M. ’04 Comito
Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
Community Initiatives
Richard F. ’08 and Linda Compton
Anne W. Conaway ’80
Mary G. Concepcion Pang ’04 and Kosal Pang ’05
Cherie B. ’89 and Peter Congedo
Eric S. ’85 and Karen Conn
Connections Academy
Carla J. ’77 and Joseph P. ’77 Connelly, Jr.
Beverly J. Conner ’87
Louis G. ’78 and Margaret E. Connor, Jr.
David Conrad Insurance Agency, Inc.
David J. Conrad ’83, ’84
Delmonik J. Contee ’99
Conveyor Handling Company, Inc.
Kathleen L. Conway ’91
Timothy P. Conway ’07
Tracy D. Conway ’00
Eleanor F. Conwell ’03
Cathy R. Cook
Henry I. Cook
Jocena L. Cook ’05
Lynne G. Cook ’02
Mary T. Cook
Matthew K. and Patricia Cook
Anthony W. Cooke
Gretchen M. Cooke ’95, ’01
Kaitlin M. Coolahan ’08
Jon T. ’87 and Rebecca C. Cooley
Linda J. ’85 and John F. Cooper, Jr.
Stephen O. and Una A. Cooper
Wulah R. Cooper ’05
Douglas B. Copeland
Christopher R. Corbett
Paula Corbi
Jennifer J. ’95 and David C. Corbin
Steve R. Corbin ’96
Donna M. ’97 and Richard A. Corfield
Deborah L. Corkran ’81
Loretta R. Cormier ’76
June M. Cormier-Blair ’78
David W. ’79 and Maura P. Cornell
Mark G. ’99 and Molly A. ’01 Cornes
Corning Incorporated
Gary and Louise Corpora
Corporate Office Properties Trust, Inc.
Constance L. Costa
Joan M. Costello ’73
Casina Costley-Rice
Marsha A. Cote ’85
Donna Cotnoir
Stacy M. Cotter
Matthew E. Coughenour ’06
Harold Countee
Todd A. Couzins ’95
Rosa L. Cowan
Ann M. Cox
C. Eugene Cox
Donald F. and Donna Cox
Lindsay M. Cox
Marie E. Cox ’05
Teresa M. Cox ’90
Jeffrey M. ’88 and Pamela K. Crabill
John D. and Jenny R. Crabtree
Chad G. Cradock ’97
Claire M. Craft
Patricia E. Craig ’90
Phillip A. ’01 and Laurie J. Craig
Cody L. Cramer ’85 and Dana D. Zulager
JoAnn Crandall
Steve and Linda M. Crawford
Caretha L. Creasy ’88
Arlene G. Creighton
Diane A. Crider ’80
Richard T. Criste
Cromwell & Company, LLC
Stephen H. Cromwell ’97
Kristen B. Crossney ’00
Frederick Crouse and Mary M. Byrne-Crouse
Cynthia L. Crown ’78 and David C. Flaspohler
Monita R. Crump-Sisco ’86
Sylvia A. Crush-Stanton ’82 and Jeffrey J. Blumenstein ’82
Danielle L. Cruz ’11
Jaime and Maria Cruz
Jalissa M. Cruz ’02
Dennis P. Cuddy
Jeffrey E. Cullen
Thomas M. Culp ’82
Susan R. Cummings ’75
Cuomo’s Income Tax Center, Inc.
James L. Curran and Maura Norton-Curran
Troy T. Curry ’95
Michael D. Curtis ’84
Donald and Charlotta A. Cussins
Brian D. Cuthie ’84, ’94
CyberCore Technologies
CyberPoint International, LLC
Susan L. Cymek ’75
Cypress Cove
John ’87 and Jennifer A. Czajkowski
Mark Czarnolewski and Susan Kushner
Maureen R. Czebotar

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D.C. United
Barbara Daciek
Joshua A. Daft
Mohamed Dahir and Fatuma Mohamed
Daniel S. Dahl
Rita D. Dail ’75
Stuart C. Dailey ’02
Judith L. Daly
Babak Damadi ’06
Kendra M. ’98 and Kevin Damann
Anthony and Bonita Damiano
Anthony J. and Marion Damiano
Elinor A. Damiano ’76
Carol M. Dana
Diana M. ’78 and Timothy M. Danaher
Thomas M. Dance, Jr. ’06
Anh Dang
Joseph and Barbara Daniels
Ellen S. Dankert
Carol R. Dansberger ’82
Roy E. ’77 and Deborah A. Danz
Ronald M. ’71 and Janette Dapkunas
Fatu S. Daramy-Mensah ’08
Bernadette M. Darby
Michael J. D’Archangelo
Tina E. Darden ’81
Frances M. Daum ’70
Faith E. Davidson ’88
Mark and Theresa Davies
Davis Family Foundation
Alan H. Davis ’92
Charles Y. and Joan L. Davis
John W. and Elizabeth Z. Davis
Justine J. Davis
Karen W. Davis ’89
Matthew L. Davis
Michael D. and Judith M. Davis
Samantha S. Davis
Amol A. Dawalbhakta ’08
John Dawson and David K. Bickel
Michelle A. Day ’73
Carla M. de Castro ’09
Nohemi L. de Concepcion ’85 and Ivan A. Concepcion
Arnar T. De Marco ’96, ’09
David A. De Pastina ’81
Frederick V. Deal ’11
Richard D. and Susan S. Dean
Colleen V. ’71 and Patrick A. Deaver
Nicole S. DeBlase ’06
Daniel T. DeBold ’73 and Patricia Stack
Beth Debski ’85
Nicholas C. and Rebecca M. Decarlo
Flavio S. Decastilhos ’83
Karen S. Decker ’75
Bethany G. Deeds ’03 and Jonathan R. Deeds
Deep Creek Pharmacy
George F. and Lila A. Deford
Tiffany L. Deinzer ’06
Gene Delacroix
Marc J. and Nicole L. Delacroix
George E. and Ana Delgado
Robert A. and Karen D. Deloatch
Michelle C. Delovich ’08
Andrew J. DelSignore
Thomas E. Deluca
David S. Delullo
Robert H. Deluty
Joseph E. and Eleanore E. Dement
Marilyn E. Demorest
John J. and Marie D. Denice
Patricia M. Denice ’86
Marie F. Denissen ’84
Helen P. Denit Charitable Trust
Charles M. Denton ’79
Brenna L. ’05 and Charles J. Denys
Lee M. Derr ’80
Barbara J. ’70 and Richard P. Derwart
Harsha and Catherine Desai
Andrea DeSantis
Warren G. and Joanne Deschenaux, Jr.
Valerie M. DeSouza ’88 and Mark A. Ramsburg ’02
Robert W. Deutsch Foundation
Warren R. DeVries
Thomas E. Dewberry ’73
Dale K. ’77 and Valerie S. DeWeese
Judith A. Dewey
Lee S. Dewey
Puja K. DeWire ’04
Joel D. DeWyer
Nancy ’00 and Marcus M. Diamond
Chester and Deborah DiBenedetto
Michael A. and Debra Diblasi
Alan G. Dick
Larry A. and Kathleen T. Dick
Michael Dick
Timothy G. Dickson ’00
Sivaraj S. Didde ’98
Harold W. and Barbara W. Diehl, Jr.
Matthew W. Diehl ’11
Vania R. Dienzo ’11
Jeffrey M. and Joan F. Dier
Mary E. ’70 and Robert W. ’70 Dietrich
Yvonne C. Diggs-Davis ’76
Anthony M. DiGiorgio ’02
John M. DiGrazia ’78
Michael Dinovi and Beth Barnet
Steven and Susan Dipaula
Renato A. ’84 and Patricia DiPentima
Christopher J. DiPompeo ’04
David J. and Diane M. DiRito
Charles and Robin Dittman
Sandra A. ’77 and Barry E. Ditto
John L. and Kyong S. Ditzel
Katie L. Dively ’03
Laura L. Doane ’85
Kathryn M. Doiron ’10
Michael and Jeanne Dolamore
Janice L. Doll White ’86 and Richard P. White
Larry and Rachelle Doll
Elvira Doman
Michelle J. Domangue ’11
Patrick D. Donahue
Adam G. and Jessica Donaldson
Frank M. Donaldson, Jr. and Janie S. Stevenson
Jane L. Donawerth
Robert B. ’87 and Laura Donegan
Rachele R. ’03 and Timothy R. Donnelly
William T. and Ellen H. Donohoe, Jr.
Mitchell R. Donovan ’11
Shawn M. and Julie P. Donovan
George G. Dorer, Jr. ’70
Stephanie M. Dorrer ’90
Jillian Dorsch
Elizabeth T. ’73 and James R. ’96 Dorsey, Jr.
John W. Dorsey
John W. Dorsey ’78
Peter Dorsey
Robert L. ’78 and Debra A. Dorsey
Taylor L. Dorsey ’03
John R. Doub
Danielle M. Dougherty ’10
Mary L. Dougherty ’99
James M. Douglas
Robert B. and Harriet B. Douglas
Roberta J. Douglass ’94
Karen M. Dowell
Donnie W. ’85 and Sheila Downey
Bryce F. Doxzon ’82
Damian M. Doyle ’99
Edward D. ’71 and Sharyn F. ’70 Doyle
John E. Doyle ’09
Mary Ellen L. Doyle ’86
Anthony Dragoni, Jr.
Gerald W. Drake ’74
Maxine S. ’07 and Michael Drazenovic
The Dresher Foundation, Inc.
Mary A. Dresler ’76
The Dubois Circle
Karen M. Duerling ’78
Donald C. and Deanna Duff
Susan H. Dugan-Konka ’73
Philip L. ’00 and Angela L. Duker
Denise A. ’97 and Alfredo Dunn
Linda S. Dunn ’71
Douglas and Mary Durand
Steve Durbin
George B. Durham ’98
Maxim P. Duvalsaint ’03
Linda C. Dvorak ’88
Philip S. Dyer ’05, ’07
Gerald J. Dziecichowicz ’73
Sandra M. Dzija
Letitia K. ’03 and Delali ’04 Dzirasa

EBack to Top
Anthony and Alexandra Eagan
Jim Earley
Wilbur C. ’76 and Lillian D. Earley, Jr.
M. Lynn ’97 and J. Michael Earp
Earth Treks Climbing Centers
Maragret Eastman
John D. ’70 and Bonnie C. Ebaugh
Charles R. Ebbecke ’08
Donna S. ’79 and Robert E. Ebling
Judith A. Eby
Anona M. ’82 and Ernest G. Eckenrode
J. Kevin Eckert
JoEllen Eddy Badik ’90 and Thomas B. Badik
Ricky L. and Jeannie J. Eden
Francis J. Eder ’98
Richard and Cathy J. Edgar
Carol L. Edmonds ’79
Karen N. Edmonds ’81
Tonya Edmonds ’92
Olney-May Edmondson ’05
Janice Edwards
Matthew A. ’84 and Kathleen A. Egeli
Margeret R. Eggers
Adam J. Eiben ’08
Lisa R. ’91 and Frederick W. Eichhorn, II
Steven M. ’73 and Rachel C. Eidelman
Michelle J. Eisemann ’08 and Daniel C. Curry
David M. Eisenmann and Suzanne A. Barr
Nebyat M. Ejigu ’06
Erik A. Ekstrom ’05
Sarah N. ’97 and Yoav ’98 Elan
Jeffrey I. and Wendy C. Eldridge
Danita Elkerson ’94
Ellicott Mills Brewing Company
Gregory S. Elliott ’94
Michael A. ’88 and Diane T. ’89 Elsberg
EMC Corporation
Emeritus Senior Living
Hollyn L. Emerson-Svingos
Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman
Lisa C. Eney Robinson ’98
Jacqueline L. ’03 and Gary L. Eng
Mary Beth Engelbride ’84
Lindsey F. Engler ’08
Barbara E. Ensor ’92
Epic Spirit Ventures, Inc.
Carol S. Erdman ’83, ’92
Robert A. and Susan B. Erich, Jr.
Philip M. ’78 and Margaret B. Ermer
Bernarda S. Erwin
William and Kinuyo Esterbrook
Michael C. Etheredge
Susan Ettner
Arnold H. Eudell ’85
Alex C. Euler ’98
Barbara A. Evans ’94
John G. Evans ’83 and Pamela J. MacLaren-Evans
Melissa A. Evans ’07
Thomas P. ’80 and Carolyn W. Evans
Dennis A. Ewald ’08
Expressions by Georgette
ExxonMobil Corporation
Ejiofor Ezekwe, Jr. ’09
Peter C. and Ukama Ezekwenna

FBack to Top
Jessica W. ’92 and Michael L. ’93 Fachler
Dustin W. Fairchild ’00
Gregory and Stella Faison
Michael W. Faith
Timothy S. Faith
Debora Fajer-Smith ’81
Gregory O. Fakorede ’04
Anna R. Falcon ’84
Anthony J. Falcone ’76, ’00
Elmer F. Falconer
Amelita E. Fales ’75
Geneva Faltermeier
Gary Fancher
Fannie Mae SERVE Matching Gift Donations
Kelly A. ’82 and Stephen M. ’82 Fanto
Philip J. Farabaugh
Walter V. Farber
Peter M. Farina
Cindy M. Farkus ’83
Mary M. Farley Anuszewski ’92
William F. ’84 and Julianne N. Farmer
Austin L. ’92 and Renee L. Farnham
Bettie J. Farrar ’09
Leanne M. ’98, ’00 and John Farrell
William L. Farrell
Jeffry I. Fasick ’93, ’98 and Alla Solyar
John A. Fatur ’10
Ronald A. and Renee A. Fauntleroy
Joseph G. Federline
Jeff D. Feiertag ’07, ’10, ’11
Stanley Feldstein
Christina A. Felty ’11
James P. ’06 and Christina K. Fendryk, Jr.
Thomas P. Fenstermaker
Teresa H. Fentress ’00
Megan A. ’00 and Alexander J. ’01 Ferguson
Robert F. Ferguson, V ’83
Michael D. Fernandez and Jessica S. Berman
Robustiano L. ’99 and Patricia A. Fernandez
Arturo and Lisa Ferrer
David B. ’79 and Susan L. Ferris, Jr.
Pamela J. Fetsko ’82
Charles J. Fey
Robert W. Fichter
Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Roxanne Fiege
Thomas T. Field
Charlene Fields
Kisha Fields ’03
Robert M. and Geraldine K. Fields
Whitney C. Fields ’09
Michael A. Figuesoa
Fingerlakes Agronomics, Inc.
Timothy W. Finin
Alan R. Fink ’75
David J. Fink
Lisa G. Fink ’09
Jonathan C. Finkelstein
Dawn K. Finnerty ’86
Carolyn C. Finney ’72
Firaxis Games
Kevin D. Firman ’99
First Data Corporation
Catherine F. Fischer
Gina M. Fischer
Jennifer A. Fischer ’05
Charles Fisher
Marge Fisher
Thomas J. Fisher ’03
Tyler Fisher
Ari S. Fishkind ’92
Carolyn H. Fitzpatrick
Daniel and Alicia M. Fitzpatrick
James D. Fitzpatrick ’74
Jeanette P. Fitzpatrick
Thomas G. ’86 and Suzanne C. Flahive
Georgia Flanagan
Timothy P. ’03 and Emily F. Flanagan
Elayne B. Flax
Tiffany C. Fleet ’09
Ruth M. ’74 and Bernard K. ’72 Fleishman
Ray C. ’85 and Mary P. ’84 Fleshman, Jr.
Gary A. Flester, Jr. ’00
Fletcher Equity Alpha Fund, LP
Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. and Ellen K. Pao
David L. ’76 and Joy M. Flick
Timothy R. and Carol L. Flock
Bridget M. Flynn ’11
Edward and Rosemarie M. Flynn
Elizabeth K. Flynn ’93
Jason S. ’00 and Jessica R. ’00, ’07 Flynn
FMC Foundation
Renee M. Foard ’00
Arnold E. Foelster ’93
Anna Foggia
Lorraine Fogle
Morris N. Fogle ’83 and Diane Crump-Fogle ’87
Andrew Folchetti
Brittany E. Foley
Elizabeth M. Foley ’73
Deirdre A. Folkers ’03 and Lawrence R. Newcomer
William G. and Eliza R. Foote
George C. Ford, Jr.
George H. Ford, Jr. ’99
Carolyn Forestiere
Albert and Deborah Forst
Gregory S. Forst
Barbara Forster
Tammy L. Forsyth
Glen R. Fortner ’10
Meredith G. Fosque ’74
Michael J. Fossler ’86 and Robanne E. Palmer ’90
Barbara A. ’93 and Mark E. Fost
James P. and Bonnie Foster
Michael C. and Sharon M. Foster
Michelle A. Foster ’04
Monique N. Foster ’10
Richard S. ’73 and Nancy A. Foster
Stephen E. ’89 and Tera M. Foster
Teresa B. ’09, ’11 and Richard Foster
Thomas W. and Luna G. Foster
Marjorie P. Fox ’91
William J. Fox ’85
Scott and Maria Frager
Lisa M. Fraley-McNeal ’03, ’06
Patricia L. France ’01, ’04 and Douglass P. Gray
France-Merrick Foundation Inc.
Ron Francesco
John R. ’87 and Kathy L. Francis
Lisa B. ’85 and Robert C. Francisco
Barbara N. Franck
Thomas L. Francy ’72
Jeffrey W. and Mary M. Frank
Scott D. Frank ’96, ’98
Leonard M. Frankford ’78
Frances M. Frattali ’79
Rowen C. Frazer ’07
Renee S. ’76 and Ricky Frazier, Sr.
Frederick Cellars Winery & Bistro
Catherine L. Frederick ’78
Kenneth G. and Julia E. Frederick
Nancy L. Freehoffer ’00
Betty T. ’72 and Ronald W. Freeland
R. Gregory and Kathryn B. Freeland
John M. and Elaine K. Freeman
Kara D. Freeman ’91
Keilan G. Freeman ’11
Jeffrey D. ’88 and Maria M. Frego
Karen L. Freiberg
Michaela D. French ’11
Robert French
Joshua C. ’99 and Jennifer S. Freund
Tracey D. Frey ’95 and Michael C. Powell
Jay M. Freyman
Brian L. Friedman ’71
Kenneth J. ’86 and Gloria S. Friedman
Michael S. Friedman ’85
Merlin J. Friend
Friends of Louise M. Berman
John L. Fritz ’09
Marie E. Fritz
Hillary D. Frizner ’07
Amy M. Froide
Richard D. ’95 and Jill L. Fronck
Keever D. Frye ’99
Mack and Elizabeth Frye
Paula M. Fuller
Thomas and Melissa Fullerton
Margaret M. Fullmer ’09 and Arnold S. Zimmerman
Deborah A. ’81 and Ronald G. Fulton
Judith P. ’12 and Robert A. Funk
Seldra A. Funk ’80
Timothy C. ’74 and Patricia A. Funk
Katherine M. Furek ’08
Ann E. Fusselbaugh

GBack to Top
Grace M. Gaar
Jack L. and Ellen Gaar
Katrina V. Gaar
Donald A. Gabriel
Leanne Gabriel
Vikram and Kavitha Gaddam
Loretta J. Gaffney ’95
Richard M. Gaige ’01
Chuck F. Gait ’93 and Jennie Johnston-Gait
Andrew F. ’94 and Jennifer L. Gaither
John T. ’71 and Debra T. Gaither, Jr.
Corey D. Gajewski ’01
Georgia A. Galicki ’91
Claudia L. Galindo
Emily E. Galita ’96, ’11
Oliver C. Galita ’94
Nikolai Galitsky
Tony Gallahan ’93
Judith L. ’78 and Christopher J. ’83 Galuardi
Thomas and Lorna Galvin
Gary E. Gamerman ’88, ’90
Soumya Ganguly ’10
Yi Gao ’01
Dennis and Susan Garbowski
Joseph W. and Sarah Gardenghi
Vincent J. ’78 and Cynthia S. Gardina
Clement E. Gardiner ’07
Myra E. ’82 and Glenn E. Gardiner
Paula C. ’76 and Roger A. Gardner
Donna L. Garland
Elizabeth A. Garner ’92
Ritesh R. Garodia ’02
Walter Garrett ’10
Eve M. ’85 and Gary T. ’83 Gaskill
Scott T. and Lisa A. Gatarz
Tony S. Gatdula ’02
Charles K. Gatebe
E. John Gatto
Salvatore and Marie Gatto
Vincent J. and Phyllis Gatto
Robert P. Gaudette ’78
Michael and Katie Gauvin
Ashley F. Gavidia
GE Foundation
Xudong Ge ’04 and Guoyan Li
Deborah J. Geare ’10
Patrick P. and Winnie L. Gee
Sandra K. ’72 and James G. Geest
Bruce R. Geil ’90
Jason K. Geist ’03
Sam I. Gellens ’73
Gelind H. Gellert ’98
Marie G. ’03 and George J. Gellert
Steven L. ’85 and Amy N. ’96 Gelwicks
Bruce F. and Phyllis A. Gemmill
General Dynamics Information Systems
Luvenia A. George ’95
Toni C. George
Geppi’s Entertainment Museum
Fritz E. Gerald and Veronica Cole-Gerald
Jane F. Gerber ’79 and James G. Fortman
Joshua J. Gerber ’03
Michelle M. ’91 and Paul Gerbyshak
Jacqueline F. Gerhart
Michael S. German ’09
Tera B. German ’03
A. Allan Gertner ’70
Leland D. and Marian Gerwick
Robert A. and Peggy Gessler
Get Go Retro
Igor Getsin ’06, ’08
Daniel and Lori Getz
Latoya A. ’01 and Jonathan A. Getz
Lawrence V. and Anne L. Getz, Sr.
Suzanne Getz
Hanife Ghaffari
Qutbuddin and Romola Q. Ghulamali
James C. and Dana S. Gibbons
John and Susan Gibbons
Peter G. and Sue M. Gibbons
Bernard K. Gibbons-O’Neill ’86
Kenneth D. Gibbs, Jr. ’05
Michael Gibeau
Karen H. Gibson ’06, ’07
Timothy J. ’98 and Susan Gibson
Mark S. Gidlund ’01
Julie A. Gielner ’91
Michael W. ’97 and Danielle T. ’99 Giese
Matthew J. Gilbert ’09
Mileka R. Gilbert ’01
Nicholas Gilbert
Stephen W. and Bonnie J. Gilchrist
Ann B. ’77 and M. Randall Gill
Richard and Andrea J. Gill
Julie A. Gillespie ’93
Richard E. Gillilan ’83
Frank L. Giorgilli ’76
Catherine R. Gira
Jane Giro
Nicholas C. and Jennifer L. Giro
Sheila J. Girvin ’84
Steven Gitterman and Janet Bjodstrup
Jeffrey S. Gladden ’89
Wallace Gladden
Christina Gladney
Richard F. and Kimberly T. Glancy, Jr.
Michael J. Glasser
Glassman High Voltage, Inc.
David and Molly D. Glassman
Naomi Glassman
Robert A. and Suzanne Glassman
David R. Gleason ’04
Thomas A. Glennon
Thomas W. Glennon ’07
Vicki Glorioso
Glover Enterprises, LLC
Edward and Cheryl R. Glover
Ulrica Glover
William A. Glover ’90 and Cathy A. Klein-Glover ’90
Matthias K. Gobbert
Izzy Goberman
Cordell S. Godboldte ’97, ’99
Rebecca A. Godwin ’11
Aisha A. Goheer ’00
Jaki B. Goings ’80
Arnold ’73 and Dorathy K. Golberg
Allan L. Goldberg ’77
Marilyn Y. Goldberg
Marjory S. Goldberg ’75
Lawrence and Patricia M. Goldblatt
Paul T. Golumbek ’84 and Janet L. Hook
Amanda C. Gonnsen ’08
Karen Gonshor ’77
Charles P. ’89 and Laura K. Goodall
Carl S. Goodman ’88
Moshe D. ’90 and Suzanne S. Goodman
Timothy R. and Eileen Goodspeed
Dan E. ’98 and Stephanie E. Goodwin
Richard C. and Susan W. Goodwin
Deena Y. Gordon ’73
Mary T. Gordon
Patricia A. Gorman
Monica S. ’79 and Mitchell E. Gorochow
Christine A. ’94 and Roland A. ’94 Gorschboth
Linda C. Gorski ’78
Anna S. Gosden
Mary C. Gossard ’73
Martin B. and Anna N. Gottlieb
James P. Gottwals ’89
John R. Gourdin ’97
Muddappa S. Gowda
E. Vincent Grabill
Gary ’88 and Jane F. Grabowski
Darlene C. Grace ’82
George T. ’77 and Mary T. Grace
L. Alan ’95 and Stephanie Grace
Frances C. Grady
Bonnie A. Graham
Leslie J. Graham ’86
Michele A. Graham
Sylvia T. Graham
Frederick J. and Rosalinda Grant
Jason M. Grant ’10
Terry K. Grant ’95
Thomas H. Grape
Craig J. ’97 and Tresa M. Grasser
Daniel A. Gray ’11
Lisa M. Gray
Mark A. Gray ’85
Anna M. Graziano
Barbara Graziano
Joe Graziano
Joseph Graziano, Jr.
Michael A. Graziano
R. Alan and Karen S. Greeley
Beverly M. Green
Bradley S. Green ’04
Cristina M. Green ’87
Frank Green
James K. and Kathy T. Green
Leo E. Green, Jr.
Melvin C. and Idelia M. Green
Michael B. Green ’79
Stephen F. and Paula A. Green
Anna E. Greenberg
Linda R. ’96 and David H. Greenberg
Leonard and Earlene T. Greene, Sr.
Sarah J. ’08, ’09 and Kyle M. Greenville
Julie D. Greenwald ’87
Mary C. ’75 and Robert B. ’74 Greenwalt
Cindy N. Greenwood
Delana S. Gregg ’04
Charles R. Gregoire
John and Christina Gregory
Scott M. ’88 and Michele A. ’89 Gribben
Joseph A. Gribbin
Alice M. Griffin ’75
Lee E. Griffin ’85
McKenzie Griffith
Erin M. Griffiths ’05
Mark and Mary Anne Grilli
Joan M. Grindell ’93, ’01
Benjamin H. Griswold, IV
Marcus J. Gross ’06
Adam M. Grossman ’06, ’09
Andrew G. Grossman ’07
Julius Grossman
Neal R. Grossman ’70
Robert S. and Carleen B. Grossman
Linda S. Groves ’74 and Jay V. Miller
Blair P. Grubb ’76 and Barbara L. Strauss
Glenn W. ’73 and Sammye Grymes
Zhiping Gu ’95
Sara C. Guay ’08
Homer & Martha Gudelsky Family Foundation, Inc.
Roger J. Guidi ’87
Fizza Gulamali-Majid
Armen M. Gulian
Christopher J. Gunther ’93
Amy S. Gurowitz ’90
Dave ’94 and Amy M. Gutberlet
Diedra E. ’89 and Michael A. Guy
Virginia A. Guynn ’95 and Steven Alenskis
Mary T. Gyi ’79 and Felix A. Khin-Maung-Gyi
Robert and Judith Gyorfi

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Habitat America, LLC
Paula W. Hackeling
Willard Hackerman
Michael W. Hackney ’00
Susan S. ’11 and James D. Hade
Jordan T. ’07, ’08 and Erica Hadfield
Michael Hafeed
Diya A. Hafiz ’05
Arnold and Margery Hafner
Michael and Andrea Hagner
Ghrmazion K. Hagos
Beverly D. Hague
Kurt G. and Karen A. Hahn
Susan D. ’06 and Jeffrey C. Hahn
Stuart T. Haines ’02
Mark T. ’95 and Kimberly J. ’96 Hairfield
Jesse S. ’95 and Diane R. Haislip
Joy E. Haley ’01
Jenness E. Hall
Larry P. Hall ’72
Marie T. Hall ’07
Michelle Hall
Raymond B. Hall ’00
Robert P. Hall ’74
James S. Halsey and Patricia A. Hasley
Halten Management Services, LLC
Regina A. Hambleton ’87
Douglas Hamby
Murtaza S. ’01 and Khadika Hameed
Matthew L. Hamel ’11
Emad S. Hamid ’84
Richard L. ’76 and Kathleen Hamilton
Trudy M. Hamilton
Uton and Pauline Hamilton
Al Hammell
Richard S. ’71 and Karen J. Hammock
Vakessa N. Hammock ’94
Melanie A. Hamons ’08
Sung Y. Han ’97 and Susan A. Laessig
Zhiguang Han ’98
James R. and Sharon S. Hand
Janice S. ’70 and Don Hands
Steven J. Handy ’01
James J. and Sabine S. Hanks, Jr.
Debra K. Hanley ’87
Mark A. Hanscom
Eugene N. ’74 and Terry B. Hansen
Juel Hansen, Jr.
Roger W. ’82 and Lisa M. Hansen
Laura A. Hanyok ’99
Arnold C. Harberger
Melanie J. ’90 and Edward T. Hardin
Hardwood Floors by Tom, Inc.
Donald C. ’87 and Laural M. Hargadon
Edward R. Hargadon ’76
Sharon A. Hargrove ’74
James R. and Kathleen Harkey
Roland R. Harkum ’71
Paul D. Harley ’93
Keith M. Harmon
Susan A. ’71 and Richard L. Harmon
Thomas R. Harnish
Susan L. Harrell
Kathleen Harrigan-Surico
Donna Harrington ’90
Richard T. and Kelly P. Harrington
Harris Foundation
Amy Harris
Andre J. Harris ’08
Benjamin D. Harris ’10
Ethan A. ’03 and Jessica R. Harris
John F. ’90 and Monica F. ’91 Harris
Lawrence Harris
Michael J. and Barbara B. Harris
Michele A. Harris ’76
Susan G. Harris
Jamie L. Harrison ’09
Tiffany L. Harrison ’94, ’97
Joe Ann T. Harrod ’00
Octavia M. Harrold ’02
Donna L. Hart
Karen A. ’84 and Joseph G. Hart
Barbara A. Hartigan
Jonathan B. Hartley ’73
Hartman Machine
Susan L. ’98 and Patrick J. Hartman
H. Lorraine Harvey ’89
Thomas N. Harvey ’10, ’11
Timothy Harvey
Edward A. and Margaret O. Haser
John D. Haskell, Jr.
Craig E. ’88 and Kerry Hastings
Robin K. and Theresa Haupt
John H. Haw ’74
Janice M. Hawkins ’92
Shardell M. Hawkins ’08
Lee S. Hawthorne Calizo
L. Michael Hayden
Carleton S. Hayek ’76 and Heidi Most
Mary J. Hayes ’99
Evelyn L. ’76 and Lloyd A. Hayner
Jeannine M. ’85 and Don D. Hazen
Headwall Media, LLC
Nancy C. Healy
Samuel B. Heavner ’08 and Diane L. Pratt-Heavner
Brian J. ’89 and Monique P. Heavren
Heavy Seas Beer
Suzanne C. Hecht ’90
Tandra S. Hedgepeth ’96
William J. ’75 and Anne F. Heere-Beyer
Kevin D. Heffner
Aaron H. Heifetz
Rachel Heinemeier
Denis and Cheryle Helble
The Helmand Restaurant
Steven W. ’04, ’07, ’09 and Marie Hemelt
Patrick J. and Joy L. Hemler
Ellen J. Hemmerly
Gary Henderson ’73
William F. ’91, ’00 and Monica S. Henderson
Mark J. Henriksen and Kazumi Hasegawa
Merissa F. Henry ’02
Robert W. and Lillian M. Henry
Todd D. Henry ’01
Cynthia Henth
Peter W. and Diane M. Heppner
Sandra S. Herbert
W. J. Herbert
Jeffrey H. ’87, ’96 and Elise R. Herbst
Robert V. Herbst, II
Claudia L. Hernandez ’10
Genaro Hernandez
Roberto and Ana L. Hernandez
Ronald I. and Dorothy S. Herning
Charles R. Heron ’71
Gerard A. Herpel ’79
Richard A. Herrmann ’77
David R. Herron ’71 and Susan M. MacDonald
Jennifer L. Herwig ’96
John S. Hetrick ’89
James Heuker
Christopher J. Hewitt
Kirk-Conrad P. Hewling ’95
Fred P. Heydrick
Stanley J. Heydrick
Maria M. Heyssel ’73
Devan E. Hibbs
Mary S. Hickernell
Catherine A. ’98 and Henry Hiebler, Jr.
Jason J. Higgins ’07, ’10
Harvey and Nancy D. Hiken
Clarissa Hill ’88
Cynthia M. Hill
Matthew Himmelstein and Beth Bamberger
Max R. Himmelstein
Lawrence J. Hineline ’78
Frank M. and Donna M. Hines, Jr.
Joan B. Hines
Kenneth W. Hines ’75
Michael R. and Antoinette A. Hipp
Prakash S. Hiranandani ’08
Katherine A. Hirsch ’04
Thomas J. Hirsch
Elliot and Jeri Hirshman
Harold M. and Edna M. Hirshman
Norman G. Hirtle ’90
Historic Inns of Annapolis
Mary L. Hobbs ’89
Robert J. ’95 and Loretta R. Hoch
Brian L. Hodges ’07, ’10
Rico G. Hodgkinson ’02
Raymond M. and Bonnie L. Hoff
Douglas W. Hoffman ’81
Robert E. Hoffman ’97
Frederick B. Hoffmire and Jane C. Devilbiss
Dennis Hogan and Hadley Chatel
Amanda Hogue
Juan I. Holcomb ’82
David C. Holland ’91
Lynda P. Holley ’82
Chris Hollister
Gail P. ’96 and Albert V. Holm
William M. Holman, Jr. ’08
The Alverton W. Holness Revocable Trust
Rebecca H. Holsinger ’08
Cecil and Elisabeth Holter
Mildred Homa
James W. Hong ’73
Spencer and Vanessa M. Hooks
Donald J. Hooper ’83
J. Edward Hopkins ’96 and Jamie Smith Hopkins ’98
Robert J. and Patricia Hopp
Kenneth C. Hopson ’94
Bernard N. Horak, Jr. ’82
Faith R. ’84 and Jeffrey Horlick
Joan W. ’97 and George T. Horman
Susan S. ’72 and David S. Horn
James L. and Mary K. Hornback
Huan-Chin Horng ’91 and Shufen Horing
Azriel Horowitz ’90
Mindy B. Horowitz ’79 and Mark Mellman
Shahla M. Hosseini ’99
Edwin C. Hostetter
Al and Judine K. Howard
Matthew R. Howie ’93
Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
John and Frances M. Hrastar
John V. Hryniewicz ’98 and Robin Rustad
Ying Hu ’91
Hui Huang ’08, ’10
Kan ’92 and Jennie Huang
Saling M. Huang ’88
Yvonne Huang
Robert K. Hubbard
Kevin W. ’96 and Ingrid D. ’97 Huber
Sandra L. Hudak ’91
Carol A. ’93 and Bart Huff
Robert W. Huffman ’72
Carolyn V. Huggins ’03
Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Eric Hughes
Kathy L. Hughes ’93
Marie C. Hughes ’08 and Steve Clementson
Thomas G. ’72 and Carmina S. Hughes
John S. ’84 and Virginia Hull
Joe Hum
Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
Adrian R. ’97 and J. Eric Humphreys
Elizabeth M. Humphries ’04
Scott K. Hundertmark ’83
Alma D. Hunt/VCM Charitable Trust
Michele C. Hunt ’00, ’02
Hunter Douglas Fabrication
Catherine M. Hunter
Nancy ’85 and Terry W. Hunter
James G. and Pamela C. Hurley, Jr.
Kenneth O. and Thelma T. Hurst, Sr.
Tobias Hurwitz
Timothy R. and Barbara R. Husson
Diane Hutchins ’76
Khris A. Hutson ’08 and Kesia Hudson
Benjamin T. ’88 and Trang H. Huynh
Hue Q. Huynh ’03
Michael M. and Tina J. Hylant

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Patricia J. Iannelli
IBM Corporation
Jane M. Ichniowski ’70
Thomas and Teresa G. Ichniowski
IEEE, Inc.
Joy K. Ihekweazu ’09
Cindy Ika
Joyce L. Ingram
Margaret F. Ingram ’72
M. Jane Insley ’81
Intel Foundation
Internal Medicine Associates, P.A.
International Game Developers Association
Mehrban P. Iranshad ’07
Adeola A. Iribhogbe ’94
Charles H. Irvin, III
Zoe A. Irvin ’74
David E. Irvine and Bonnie M. Orrison
James R. Irwin ’93
Richard R. and Laura J. Irwin
Maurice and Damilola Isaac
Victor ’90 and Karen Isailovic
Christopher R. Iseicz ’06
The Estate of Frederick Isgrig
Douglas N. Isokait ’10
The Ivy Bookshop
Svetlana Ivy ’04
Samuel U. Iwu ’97

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JRow Photography
J.P. McGeevers Pub
Jeffery and Annette Jackman
Anita M. ’80 and Everett I. Jackson
Brenda D. Jackson ’09
D’Vone C. Jackson ’07
Kamili M. Jackson ’97, ’99
Linda F. ’96 and Hugh E. Jackson
Nathaniel L. and Carol L. Jackson
Jeffrey Jacobowitz ’92
Jennifer L. Jacobs ’93
Robert C. Jacobsen ’79
Stanley Jakubik
Christopher M. James ’89
John A. and Lee A. Jancuska, Jr.
Laura K. Janicki ’10
Eva Jannotta
Patricia A. Jarkowski
Alvin D. Jarrett ’09
Cleveland A. Jarrett ’88 and Andrea E. Armstead
Judith E. Jasper
Joanna J. Jatta
Nithya Jayakumar ’04, ’10
JC’s Landscaping & Lawn Service, LLC
Olivia E. Jeffers House ’90 and Alvin House
Marie T. ’78 and Robert F. Jefferson
Helane Jeffreys
John W. and Renate S. Jeffries
Ina G. Jenkins ’01
Kiki D. Jenkins ’97
Bernard and Cynthia Jennings
John T. Jennings
Jercor, Inc.
Heather L. Jessee
Kristina R. Jewell ’85
Audrey J. ’84 and Robert W. Jewett
Sarah H. Jewett ’94
Jewish Community Federation
Jin Jin ’10 and Licheng Zhao
Antoinette Joachim
Ebrima and Patience O. Jobe
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Bonita A. Johnsen
Johnson & Johnson
Alethia J. Johnson
Alfred C. Johnson
Amanda A. Johnson ’11
Arthur T. Johnson
Brian A. Johnson ’94
Christine Johnson ’03, ’05
Dawn M. Johnson ’92
Debra M. Johnson ’86
Gregory A. Johnson ’06, ’07
Harry S. Johnson ’76
Heywood and Theresa Johnson
Hugh R. Johnson and Christine Challingsworth
Justine Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnson
Mary B. ’90, ’97 and John I. Johnson, Jr.
Mary K. ’94 and Thomas C. Johnson
Natee D. Johnson ’11
Nicolas M. Johnson ’06
Patricia M. Johnson ’09
Penny J. Johnson ’89
Shamara L. Johnson ’07
Sharon B. Johnson
William M. Johnson
Zackeriah R. ’07 and Amy C. Johnson
Anderson F. Johnston ’91
Gabrielle M. ’11 and Mark A. Johnston
William S. and Virginia L. Johnston
Diane R. Johnstone-Derosa
Venkat and Meena R. Jois
Oluremi O. Jolaoso
Lori A. ’92 and Antonio L. Jolbitado
Adrienne A. Jones ’76
Allison N. Jones
Anthony A. Jones
Brandon P. Jones ’01
Bridgette J. Jones ’09
David and Mary C. Jones, Jr.
David D. ’02 and Leah C. Jones
Donald R. ’93 and Anne E. Jones
Donald R. Jones
Elaine F. Jones
Elizabeth S. ’12 and Dale R. Jones
Gerald P. ’83 and Luz E. Jones
Gregory T. ’80 and Suzanne M. Jones
Johanna H. Jones ’94
Kathleen S. Jones
Nina T. Jones ’04 and John A. McCauley
Philip V. Jones, Jr. ’74
Satrina W. Jones
Stephen G. and Sylvia R. Jones
Stephen M. Jones
Thomas S. Jones, Jr. ’88
Vovanti T. Jones ’09
Edward B. and Dianne E. Jordan
Karen Jordan ’92, ’95
Deborah L. Jordan-Kravitz ’92 and Daniel S. Kravitz ’93
Vera Jordan-Litvack ’75
Kevin D. Joseph ’87
Kimberly T. Joseph ’83
Alark P. Joshi ’07
Amitabh G. Joshi ’04
Aniket Joshi ’00
Karuna P. ’99 and Anupam Joshi
Nikhil D. Joshi ’11
Michele S. Josselyn ’71
Nikolaus and Katharina Jost
Nikolaus R. Jost
Journal of British Studies
Andrea C. Judson
Song R. and Eun J. Jung
Audrey C. ’78 and Russell M. Jurmu

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Abdelrazak M. Kadry
Jacqueline E. ’76 and Frederick ’73 Kahler
Abbie B. Kahn ’03 and Gerald C. Achatz
Jerome H. and Pamela E. Kaiser
Lisa K. Kakavas ’94
Nikitas and Lisa Kalantjakos
Jorge Kalil
Lou F. and Ana C. Kalil
Hanan Kallash ’02
William P. and Marie Kamachaitis
Sally A. ’77 and Irenaeus Kamantauskas
Bruno G. Kamdem ’06, ’08
Richard E. Kaminski
James J. Kamori ’11
Andrew P. Kane
Michael S. ’91 and Deborah A. Kane
John S. and Susan L. Kang
Weining Kang
Yoo-Jin Kang
K. Kay Kapoor ’89
Paul D. ’97, ’02 and Dianne B. Kappes
Jane F. Kapustin ’06
Louis A. Karko ’01
Louis F. and Phyllis A. Karko
Sujata P. ’92 and Pankaj R. Karnik
Marjoleine Kars
Sondra K. ’85 and Herbert S. Kasoff
Carl W. Katenkamp ’93
Susan M. ’75 and Andrew E. Katz
M. James ’07 and Jennifer A. Kaufman
Michael F. ’85 and Deborah D. Kaufman
Regina M. Kaufmann ’99
David P. and Norma Kaut
Jarrett J. Kealey
Kevin and Patricia Keane
M. Diane ’86 and Kevin C. Kearney
Brian W. Keefe ’87
Donald R. Keefer ’79
Denise ’78  and Roger F. ’78, ’03 Keehner, Jr.
Fred C. ’81 and Jessica Keller
Michael A. Keller ’08, ’11
Richard S. Keller, Sr. ’78
Steven D. Keller and Mary E. Cieslicki
William J. ’83 and Deborah K. Keller
Virginia D. Kellman
Bryan E. ’92 and Katherine V. ’95 Kelly
C. Joseph ’79 and Sabina H. ’79 Kelly, Jr.
Donald E. and Inas Kelly
Francis N. Kelly, III ’03, ’06
Maureen S. Kelly ’95
Robert J. Kelly ’86, ’92
Paul A. ’03 and Laura W. ’06 Kelm
Clifford M. and Camille E. Kendall Family Fund
Judith F. ’88 and William Kendall
Chris L. Kennedy ’92
David F. and Donna M. Kennedy
Brendan T. Keough
Stephen N. Kepner
Walter A. ’96, ’97 and Donna G. Kerr
Scott S. Kerstetter ’98
Jeanne C. Keruly ’93
John M. Kessenich ’05
Jeffrey B. Ketchum ’12 and Lori J. Sirois
Ingrid M. ’81 and George Kevorkian
Kirit and Bharti Khajuria
Shripal K. Khajuria
Lillian Khalil
Amar B. Khan ’97
Asim A. Khan ’07
Mohammad I. ’00 and Mary C. Khattak
Brenda Kidd
Richard O. ’86, ’92 and Christina A. Kidd
Chrisanthia D. Kidwell
James L. Kilchenstein, III ’85
Vincent D. ’97 and Lisa R. Kilduff
Peg L. Killam Smith ’81, ’94 and David R. Smith
Lynette M. Killen ’09
Roger D. Kilmer
George Kim
Heather M. Kim ’03
Hyo J. Kim
Hyunsik Kim ’10
Jung A. Kim ’10
Kenneth C. and Gloria Y. Kim
Mi Y. Kim ’86 and Michael E. Rauser ’86
Taehwan Kim ’02
Mark and Carol Kimak
Richard M. Kimball, Jr. ’10
Caitlin L. Kincaid
Hailu and Haragewen Kinde
Janet L. Kindred
Delores M. King Williams
Aliceson King Consulting, LLC
Aliceson Y. King ’94
Bridget K. King ’90
Carolyn V. King ’96
David E. King ’11
Denise W. ’89 and Theodore R. King, III
Frank M. and Betty W. King
John C. King ’71
Jon A. King ’93
Stephen D. King ’09
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
Bernice Kish ’85
Elaine S. ’74 and Neal I. Kitt
Benjamin E. Klein ’11
Martin D. Klein ’04, ’09
Jeannine Kleinschmidt
Constantinos F. Kleopa ’00
Debra F. Klinefelter ’81
Mark D. Klingelhoefer ’82
Ann K. Klingensmith ’89
Daniel and Elizabeth Klopp
Jocelyn L. Klucar
Alan and Karen Klukowicz
Jane C. Klukowicz
Amanda M. Knapp
Michael S. and Patricia F. Knapp
Duane S. ’91 and Carleen F. Knauf
Donald E. Knight ’97
Kathleen S. ’73 and Daniel T. Knight
Mark and Claire Knolle
Cheryl L. Knott ’07
Margaret H. Knowles ’78
Wing S. Ko ’90, ’92 and Wai Y. Ma ’93
Dale V. ’85 and Ellis J. Koch
Karen J. ’86 and William R. Koch
Kathleen K. Koegel ’74
Carolyn Koehler
Helen H. Koehler
Lanah J. ’07 and John Koelle
Melissa Koerner
Andrew S. Kohlway ’06
Oldrich Z. and Dagmar Kolarik
Adam T. Kolb ’02
Todd M. Kolb ’97
Konia T. Kollehlon and Y. Denise Buford Kollehlon
Richard F. Konop ’72
Raymonde Koonce ’95
L. Robert and Georgene K. Koontz
Eugene and Deborah R. Kopytko
Elizabeth W. ’85 and Ruenkamol Korangkool
Joan S. Korenman
Michelle E. ’01 and William J. Kosmaczewski
Matthew J. ’83, ’85 and Laroka N. Kostura
Eileen F. and Joseph G. Kotak
Andrew J. and Angela K. Kotonias
Mary A. Kotonias
Nancy M. Kotonias
Andrew M. Kowalevicz ’98
Sonia M. ’76 and Bernard F. Kozlovsky
Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program
Timothy J. Kral ’03
William M. ’73 * and Karen S. Kram
Peter A. Kramer ’90
Gregory and Mary Kramp
Kevin P. ’03 and Jenica B. Krasnansky
David P. Kratz ’77
Bernard M. and Carol Kraus
Alicia M. Krause
Nancy A. Krebs ’72
Alan D. Kreizenbeck
Gerard W. Kremer, Jr.
Richard Krieg
Jacqueline G. Krikorian ’11 and Stephen R. Hutchinson
Rajesh Krishnamurthy ’97
James L. Kroger ’87
Emad and Karina Kronfli
John S. and Ann L. Kshimetski
Hosanna Kuah
Cindy S. Kubiet
Bruce R. and Elizabeth Kuester
Scott and Luise Kuhar
David A. Kuhl ’89 and Beth Anne Costello Kuhl
Albin O. and Susan A. Kuhn, II
Christie A. Kuhn ’73
Julie E. Kuhn ’10
Mark and Suzanne Kuhn
Philip H. and Mary A. Kuhn
Subbiah and Shantha Kulandaivel
J. Susan Kulinski
Chhaya V. ’92 and Vijay D. Kulkarni
Michael A. Kulnich ’76
Leah B. ’02 and William A. Kulp
Suzanne S. Kulp
Francis Kumah
William M. Kurtines ’71
Dane Kusic ’96
Stanley and Fany B. Kusnetz
Frederick W. Kutz
Bobby W. Kwan
Damon K. Kyler ’92

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L. C. Insurance Group, LLC
Jeffrey J. Labbadia ’99
E. F. Charles LaBerge ’03
Patricia J. Lackey ’84, ’88, ’93
William R. and Kathleen M. LaCourse
Gary and Karen Ladner
Debra M. Lafferty
Jerry D. and Alice L. Lafferty
Mark A. and Tammy A. Lafferty
Andrew G. Lafleur ’91
Lester R. Laforce ’10
William D. ’73 and Paticia A. Lahner
Chia-Min Lai ’00
Shivonne L. Laird ’99
Geraldine K. Lakin
Sindhu S. Lakkur ’09
Sivaprakash and Usha S. Lakkur
Thomas P. ’84 and Lori D. LaMartina
Douglas J. Lamdin ’83
Michael and Carol M. Lamont
Willie B. Lamousé-Smith
Steven Lamphear
Margaret L. Lamy ’80 and James R. Lachowicz
Steve Landen and Lynne C. Schaefer
Donald and Bernadette Lander
Elizabeth A. Lander ’10
Landmark Theatres
Charles L. Landon, III ’95
Anthony T. Lane
David A. Langford
Russel J. and Martha J. Langton
George R. LaNoue
Lou LaRocca Agency, Inc.
Michael J. and Susan T. Larson
Jon M. ’95 and Lisa M. Larsson
Cathy ’90 and Robert A. Latham
John W. and Debora J. Latham
Robert M. Latin
Barbara A. Latvanas ’79
Jon B. Lau ’90
David L. Lauman ’79
Luigi Lavagnino
Susan L. Lavezza
Law Offices of Marc J. Atas
Lisa A. Lawler
Lori M. Lawler
Theodore ’99 and Jura L. Lawler
Christopher T. ’08 and Eun Y. Lawrence
Mack Lawrence
Russell A. ’80 and Gloria Lawrence
William B. Layden
William M. and Lee A. Layden
Theresia A. Layman ’94
Mary ’84 and Vasily Lazarenko
Percy D. ’00 and Vera Lazarous
Stephanie M. Lazarus
Irene Lazarus-Berman ’75
Dan M. ’92 and Stefanie Lazer
Stephen A. ’71 and Abby Lazinsky
David M. Lazoff ’96
Marie F. ’93 and Jean P. Le Bouder
Dan H. Le ’86 and Quyen Q. Pham ’12
Minh Le ’88 and Christopher M. Dymond
Kathryn A. League
Kevin W. Leary ’86
Zemen Lebne-Dengel and Mebrat Gesese
Jonathan and Sarah S. Lebreton
Bryan M. Lee ’10
C. Diana Lee
Diane M. Lee
Jeffrey A. ’86 and Sonya B. Lee
Jun E. Lee ’87
Karin C. Lee ’00 and Brian J. Connors
Keith A. Lee
Michelle H. Lee ’03
Monica D. Lee ’04
Richard Lee
Steven A. Lee ’80 and Kym L. Collins-Lee ’82
Jacqueline B. Lee-Dewberry ’03 and Allen E. Dewberry, Sr.
Charlotte E. Leer ’01 and H. Mark Hughes
The John J. Leidy Foundation
Scott and Kathleen Leiser
Kimberly I. Leisey
Stanley D. LeLewer
Kim M. Lemaster ’99
Thomas J. Lemon
Andrew L. Lentz ’83
Charles L. and Patricia A. Lentz
Nickie O. Lepcha
Anne C. Lepore ’87
Jennifer K. Lepus
Erin A. Lesh ’01
Let’s Dish
Sean P. ’93 and Maureen F. Leuba
Francis A. and Mary D. Levendosky
Michael J. and Jennifer L. Levendusky
Paul R. Levene ’70
Leon and Caroline S. Levenson
Cynthia J. ’75 and Leonard M. Levering, III
Mark Allen Levin ’78 and Anita E. Baron
Steven J. Levin ’85
Jonathan Levine and Nancy Sturgeon
Andrea L. Levinson ’86 and Andrew Chen
Menachem and Miriam Levitas
Susan P. Leviton
Dana M. ’70 and Dale R. ’70 Levitz
Michael F. and Renee Levroney
Gail F. ’81 and Bernard A. Levy
Alicia N. Lew ’09, ’10
April J. Lewis ’08
Eleanor A. Lewis
Evelyn R. Lewis ’11
Tamara L. Lewis ’92
Yvette R. Lewis
Spiro G. and Carol S. Lewnes
Kevin M. Ley ’99
Fat P. and Shuk Y. Li
Hao Li ’00 and Qixin Chen
Kevin H. Li ’04
Linhong Li and Zizhen Liu
Teng Li ’93
Xiaoming Li ’00, ’01
Yang Q. ’85 and Nelson Li
Hristoforos and Nina T. Liakos
Zhiyuan J. Liang ’95, ’98
Michael Libber
Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.
Mary T. ’81 and Thomas G. Lidard
Roger D. Lie
Joel F. Liebman and Kathleen F. Edwards
Weihong Lin
Xiaoying Lin ’96
Socorro M. ’90 and Ramiro R. Lindado, Sr.
Ellen T. ’81 and Saul Lindenbaum
Kristine A. Lindenmeyer
Joyce D. ’95 and William T. Lindenmuth
Joanne M. Linder
Tyrone R. and Lisa Lindsey, Jr.
Earl L. and Darielle D. Linehan
Victor S. and Margaret M. Linell
Linganore Winecellars
Bonnie Lini Markowski ’88 and Albert J. Markowski
David S. and Nina M. Link
The Links, Inc. – Harbor City Chapter
Walter G. Linn ’03
Shirley C. Linney ’87
Duane L. Linsenbardt ’84
Debra A. ’74 and Bernard F. Linsenmeyer
John R. and Jill A. Lion
Judith A. ’72 and Steven B. Lippmann
The Lippy Group, LLC
Bruce E. Lippy ’03
Cynthia D. ’89 and James Little, Jr.
Stacey E. Little ’88
Laurel L. Littlefield ’90
Lawrence W. and Yue-Rong Liu
Peiyi Liu ’95 and Sunny Zhang
Qun Liu ’98 and Tianxin Wang
Sheng Liu ’08, ’11
Xiao Liu ’97 and Pingfei Chen’98
Brian E. and Joan E. Lizon
James T. Lo
Michael J. Locastro ’10
Lockheed Martin
Paul M. ’90 and Pamela K. Loebach
Mary R. Loeken ’80
Lindsey A. Loeper ’04
Loew Vineyards
Diane A. ’95 and Dayne L. Loewner
Thomas Loginon
David A. Lohr
Todd A. Loisel ’07
Daniel and Cindy Loiselle
Nicolas ’04 and Jessica ’04 Lombo
Daniel R. Long ’07
Timothy S. Longest ’84 and Denise Kennedy
Ancelmo E. Lopes and Barbara B. Hill
Christina O. Lopez ’89
Jeffrey T. and Hazel F. Lopez
Salvador N. Lopez ’08
John A. and Mary E. Lopresti
James M. Lord ’99
Kathleen A. Lord and Richard P. Witucki
Antoinette M. Loschiavo ’03
Carrie Lotsey
Nancy R. Lougheed
Jane D. Love ’84
Theresa ’72 and Stephen Loverde
Jason W. Loviglio
Benjamin Lowenthal
Hua Lu
Ming L. ’02 and Qi M. Lu
Yanxia Lu ’92
Pamela L. Lubaszewski
Bruce H. Lubich ’77 and Barbara Werner-Lubich
Karen A. Lubieniecki ’07
Dawn M. Lucas
Monica E. Luchi ’81
Kathleen W. ’95 and Edward J. Ludwig
Donna Lukisl
Katherine C. ’10 and Salvatore P. Lumaro
Wayne K. ’03, ’09 and Yvonne Lund
Eric X. ’88 and Anna L. Luo
Yi Feng Luo ’08
M. Teresa Lupinek
Charles S. Lurie ’74
Jeffrey P. Lustman ’73
Devanand L. Luthria
Heather M. Luttrell ’08
Leslie S. Lyles-Smith ’91
James Lyman ’03
Timothy P. Lynch ’87
Stephanie M. ’88, ’93 and Warren C. Lyon
Genevieve G. Lyons

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M&T Charitable Foundation
Ning Ma ’99
Denise T. Mabry ’90
Angus and Cindy V. Macaulay
Samantha A. MacCherola ’10
James MacGill
Morton & Sophia Macht Foundation
A. Bryan MacKay ’73, ’79
Erich and Katherine A. Mackley
Maura P. ’96 and Michael J. Mackowski
Marybeth MacLean ’05
Rita Maclin-Abrams
Chris B. Madden ’10
Ajay Madhavan ’11
Nkabuije Z. Maduike ’02
Avelino Maestas
Rey and Wendy L. Magloire
Karen M. Magness ’87
Kathleen D. Magness ’78
Magooby’s Joke House
Amit Mahajan ’03 and Prerna Gupta
Anuradha Mahalingam ’03, ’07 and Mahalingam Balakrishnan
David C. Mahan ’74
Shakeel M. ’93 and Tabassum Mahate
Jeffrey A. ’93 and Kristen M. Maher
Moslah U. Mahmud ’11
Kristen E. ’03 and Brendan A. Mahoney
Anthony C. Mai ’11
Margaret L. ’90 and Thomas J. Maier
Susan L. Main ’09
Brian F. ’88 and Katheryn A. Majerowicz
Carolyn M. Makovi ’89
Edward J. Makowski, Jr. ’70
Patricia O. ’11 and Edward J. Makowski, Sr.
Navara Malayaman ’99 and Kevin Walls
William K. and Esther Malazita
Christine Mallinson
Daniel and Dorothea Malloy
Katherine A. Malloy ’99
Nancy F. ’70, ’75 and Michael R. Malloy
Paul G. Mally
Diane Maloney-Krichmar ’03
Kent E. Malwitz ’92 and Kathleen A. Egan ’94
Robert ’93 and Angela Mamula, Jr.
Ramakrishna Mandava
Marvin B. Mandell
Mangione Family Foundation
Paul F. ’86 and Patricia D. Mangus
Tracy M. ’00 and William R. Mann
Evelyn K. Mannino
Emily L. Mannix ’11
Andrea E. ’01 and Robert J. Mansfield
Daria A. Mansolillo ’91
Samuel A. Mantey and Norma M. Smalls-Mantey
Andrew J. ’05 and Julie M. Marchica
Brian P. ’03 and Abigail A. Marchica
Tamara L. ’87 and Salvatore A. ’90 Marge
Dominick and Eleonora Marinelli
Robert and Brenda Mariner, III
Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation
Gary D. Marino and Timmy F. Ruppersberger
Charles H. Maris ’97
Stephen Markey
David and Ruth Markillie
Paul M. and Arja A. Markkula
Samuel J. Markkula ’08, ’09
Lauren L. Markley ’88
David Markman
Maya S. Marko ’94
Bruce I. ’91 and Esther B. Markowitz
Justin S. ’03 and Milana W. Marksamer
Ralph N. ’73 and Susan M. Markus
Jeannette T. ’91 and Jeffrey D. Marlatt
Franklin Marotta
Ronita L. Marple ’05
Robert Marrero ’84
Marriott BWI Airport
Douglas S. Marron ’89
Michelle E. Marrow ’02
Monique K. Marrow ’02
Mars Super Markets
C. Michael ’89 and Elizabeth Marschall
John and Elizabeth Marston
Mark R. Marten
Franklin and Jacqueline Martin, Sr.
Janelle M. Martin ’00
Peter M. and Kristyn R. Martin
Randall K. and Donna Martin
Robin K. Martin ’08
Susan C. Martin
Roxana C. Martinez ’04
Judy F. Martini
Scott C. ’03 and Sarah K. Martucci
Joyce R. Marx
Maryland Association of Health Care Professionals
Maryland Athletic Club
Maryland Homebrew, Inc.
Maryland Jockey Club
Paul and Sherri Maslanik
David R. Mason ’11
Richard S. Mason
Khalid Masood and Shama Bano
Alfred N. ’75 and Pamela T. Massa
Massage Envy
Wanda F. Massey
David L. Mast ’94
Yolanda J. Mast
Gustavo E. ’90 and Talia E. Matheus
Veluswamy P. Mathiarasan ’95
David R. ’04 and Elaine S. Mathias
Stephen E. ’84 and Colette J. Matola
Kenneth I. Maton and Mary K. Parkinson
Jason Matteo
Patricia Matteo
Gail Matthews
Joan E. ’86 and Clarence J. Matthews
Matthew R. Mattingly ’10
John A. and Janine M. Matuk
Raymond S. Maul ’92 and Bin Liu
Hans W. Maurer
Mark and Joyce Maurer
Rachel Maurer
Linda C. ’90 and Robert B. Maxwell
Jonathan Z. ’08 and Patty A. May
Pamela S. ’81 and Thomas J. May
Jean-Marie B. and Alison H. Mayas
Lauren M. Mayer ’10
George W. ’72 and Julie P. Maynard
Robin O. Mayne ’69
Helen J. ’76 and Michael A. ’76 Mayo
Lucky and Mejebi Mayor
Brian E. Mazor ’85
Gary and Marie Mazzarella
Abermo Mbuntum ’07
Joseph K. and Joyce W. Mburu
R. Eileen McAboy
Scott A. and Debbie A. McAboy
Robert P. and Catherine McCabe
Margaret R. McCampbell ’73 and Lance A. Gifford
Carole R. McCann
Marquis G. McCants, Sr. ’07
Robert and Isabelle C. McCants, Jr.
Kristen R. McCarter ’89
George B. McCeney
Sukhveen K. McClain ’99
James V. McCloskey
Joseph P. McCloskey ’81, ’83
Kenneth J. and Larisa McCloskey
Lynn H. McCloskey
Joyce M. McCloughan
Freeda M. McClure
Richard D. McClure ’73
Shane J. McCormick ’07
Bryant D. McCray ’96
Anne M. McCrory
Timothy McCrory
Patrick E. ’89 and Cindy L. McCubbin
Roland F. McCullough
Michael and Judy McDermott
Patrice M. McDermott
Dawn G. ’94 and Scott M. McDonald
Megan B. McDonald ’10
John R. ’98 and Sara McDonnell
Daniel J. ’93 and Regina V. McDonough
Rita A. ’85 and J. Michael McDonough
Harold McDougall
Christopher C. and Jessica H. McFadden
Barbara L. ’98 and James C. McFalls
Elwood McGee
Jeffrey McGee ’11
Kim M. McGee
Ronald E. and Jean C. McGee
George W. McGeeney, Jr. ’82
Diane L. McGraw ’85
McGraw-Hill Companies
Craig E. and Theresa M. McIntosh
Frank McIntyre
John and Elaine McIntyre
James J. and Kathleen M. McKay
Kyle S. McKay ’05
Lemuel C. McKenney
Neal McKenney and Ann Johnston
Carey J. McKenzie and Cristal Baron
Harry and Tracy D. McKenzie
Jeromy J. McKim ’06
Kathryn L. McKinley
Carlos E. McKinney
Randal and Rhonda McKissack
Francis D. McLaughlin
Phillip and Linda McLaughlin
Sean C. McLaughlin
Bryan K. McMahon ’94
Justin W. McMillion ’11
Sidney and Patricia E. McMillion
Richard J. ’83 and Kathleen McNaney
John McNeil
Gloria A. McPartlin ’74
Terrence W. McPherson ’75
James McQueeney and Claudia Conway
Lindsey R. McQueeney ’03
Karen A. McWhirt
Christopher B. and Lauren G. Mead
Meadow Mill Athletic Club
Ryan D. ’01 and Darcy E. Meadows
Casey A. Medairy
Debra H. Medairy
Leslie L. Megyeri ’99
Randall J. and Sherri L. Meisel
Sharon K. ’78 and Robert F. ’79 Melis, Jr.
Jessica J. Mellon ’06, ’07
Brenda M. Meluh-Williams ’88 and Charles E. Williams
Dillard and Dorothy Menchan
Amy E. Mensch ’07
Glen E. and Cathy R. Mensch
Curtis R. Menyuk and Claire M. Schwartz-Menyuk
Regina Mercado
Wanda M. Mercer ’72
Merck Partnership for Giving
Nejat Merdato ’09
Andrea Meredith ’94 and James Goslee
Christopher S. Meredith ’06, ’11
Denise D. Meringolo
Aaron S. Merki ’05
Craig B. and Paula Merkle
Jonathan B. Merkle ’10
Michael J. ’91 and Christina M. ’91 Merritt
Raymond W. Merritt
Patrick E. Merryman ’02
Kristie P. Metz ’96, ’07
Paul R. and Donna K. Metzger
Kevin G. ’77 and Patricia A. Meyd
Thelma L. ’76 and M. Barry Meyer
Theresa I. Meyer ’84
Robert E. Meyerhoff
Kurt W. ’00 and Natalie J. Meyers
Mark Meytin ’94 and Alla Sharkova’95
David S. and Theresa M. Mezebish
Christina M. ’06 and Kevin R. Mezzadra
Joshua L. Michael ’10
Deborah L. Michaels
Henry R. ’08 and Murielle Michel
Microsoft Corporation
Mid-Atlantic Health Care, LLC
George J. Middleton ’10
James R. ’73 and Elizabeth A. Milani, Jr.
Patrice M. Milani
Albert and Carolyn Miller
Betty P. ’92 and James S. Miller
Cheryl M. Miller
David W. ’01 and Terri T. Miller
Edward M. ’71 and Shari M. Miller
George W. Miller, Jr. ’74
Harry K. Miller
Jaime L. Miller ’06
James and Megan L. Miller, Jr.
Jason P. Miller ’97
Jay S. Miller ’91
Jerry L. and Susan F. Miller
Katherine E. Miller ’11
Lynn Miller
M. Thelma Miller
Marguerite Miller
Mark and Shari Miller
Mary J. Miller
Nancy A. Miller
Nancy L. Miller ’74, ’85
Ronald J. ’79 and Valerie Miller, Jr.
Seth M. Miller ’05
Shawn L. Miller ’93
Stephanie E. Miller ’07
Susan S. ’83 and Anthony K. Miller
Timothy G. Miller ’88
Mardel A. Miller-Kowalewski ’81 and Dale Kowalewski
Eric Millman ’86
Sharonda N. Mills ’07
Donald K. Milton ’76
Kenneth and Wendy Miner
Oletha R. Minto ’94 and Artie L. Walker, Jr.
Yoni D. Miranda ’05
Citlali Miranda-Aldaco ’00
Charles P. and Elizabeth Mirarchi
Mark E. Mirchandani ’08
Ramesh H. and Mary M. Mirchandani
Lidiya A. Mishchenko ’07
Rebecca M. Missel
Mister,Burton,Palmisano & French, LLC
Anand R. Mistry ’04
Douglas J. ’95 and Elizabeth P. Mitchell, Jr.
Gust W. Mitchell and Malinda Orlin
John C. and Dorothy G. Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell
Bennett A. Moe ’88 and Diane R. Stephenson-Moe ’90
John W. ’93, ’01 and Joan S. Moffat
Deborah E. Moffatt ’77
Kimberly R. Moffitt
Carlton ’74 and Kristin Molesworth, III
Graham D. Molinaro ’06
Robert L. ’73 and Janet L. Molinaro
Pamela Mollen
Monave Mineral Cosmetics
Louis Monborne
Thomas R. ’09 and Beverly K. Mondloch
Randy J. Monroe
Jean A. ’78 and Thomas Montemarano
Kristen E. Moorby ’07
Angela B. ’89 and Robert L. ’89 Moore, III
Jeffrey M. Moore
Kimberly O. Moore ’93
Patricia E. ’79 and Carey A. Moore
Paul W. and Sandra A. Moores
Kishin and Angela B. Moorjani
Leslie G. Moothart
Joseph L. ’00 and Brooks Morales
Brian N. Moran ’94
Jennifer L. ’04 and Kyle D. Moreau
Jennifer L. Moreau ’95
Antonio R. Moreira
Morgan Stanley
Doris S. ’85 and Edward T. Morgan, Jr.
Frank L. Morgan, III ’02
Justin P. Morgan ’07
Leslie A. Morgan
Lisa P. Morgan
Michael J. Morgan ’77
Richard C. Morgan ’97
Vannesia D. Morgan-Smith ’82 and Ronald H. Smith ’76, ’95
Karen L. Morgret ’84
Joseph A. Morin ’87
Regina Morin ’82 and Ramon Nieto
Shane A. Moroz ’98
Anthony W. and Katherine J. Morris
Christopher J. Morris ’96
Edwin L. ’72 and Bertha K. Morris
Lee H. Morris ’74
Gregory K. ’82 and Nicole M. Morrow
Michael S. Morrow ’06
Brian W. ’81 and Glenda Morton
Larry L. Morton
Stephen T. and Lori Morton
Stanley J. ’73 and Joan Moser
Michael Moshan
Robin B. Moskal
Heather L. Moss ’07
Clement M. and Sylvana Mossop
Payam Motabar ’08, ’10
Paul M. Motroni
Theresa Motroni
John H. ’92 and Deborah A. Mountcastle
M. Carol Mox ’79
Keith M. Moxley
Kraig M. and Sarah Moxley
Paul and Carol Moxley
Richard T. ’72 and Denise F. Moxley, Jr.
Yvette D. Mozie-Ross ’88 and Willie J. Ross ’97
Joseph F. and Margaret A. Mrozek
Louise R. Mudd ’83
Ronald Mugabi ’09
Joseph P. Mulholland
Sean C. Mulligan
Christopher S. Mullin and Sarah Gaffen
Kevin J. Mulroe ’98 and Sorsha-Maria J. Tiglao
Robert C. and Sandra L. Mulvey
Varish Mulwad ’10
Carol A. Mumma
Robert S. ’94 and Kristy H. ’99 Mumma
Mark J. and Debrah Mundell
Jon E. Munn ’97
Clement J. and Anita M. Munno
Mary A. ’78 and Donald A. Munson
Raman D. and Sheena Murali
Anthony and Rita Muratore
Jack and Mary Muratore
Michele L. ’85 and John J. Murawski
Cheryl L. Murdock ’06
David B. Murphy ’99
George C. and Sandra K. Murphy
John C. and Nancy E. Murphy
Joseph and Joan Murphy
Kathleen P. Murphy ’95
Sharon E. Murphy ’78 and Stephen S. Hecht
Thomas M. and Catherine J. Murphy
Katherine C. Murray ’81
Teresa B. Murray ’84
Manzoor ’95 and Nasrin A. Murshed
Rhonda L. Murtaugh
Melissa E. Musacchio ’01
Derek Musgrove ’97
Tracey A. Musick
Theodore E. ’97 and Nilda M. Musiker
Karl A. Musser
Brad Muston
Kyle Muston
Carol B. Myers ’72
Jeffrey H. ’77 and Gail R. Myers
Jessica S. Myers
Jaana Myllyluoma
Dorothy J. Myrick ’93
Justin D. ’10 and Rebecca Myrowitz

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Dawn S. Nabulsi
Cithparan Nadarajah ’99
Harindranth and Santhisree Nagaradona
Eric Z. Naibert ’98
Justin M. ’04 and Denielle Nall
Josephine K. Namasinga
Rajesh S. Narkhede ’03
Barbara E. Nathanson
Sylvia M. Nathanson ’71
National Aquarium in Baltimore
The National Geographic Society
Nationwide Foundation
Jeffrey Nattans
Cass ’09 and Michael J. Naugle
Phyllis A. Naumann ’83
Deborah Nazon
Gregory J. Neary ’05
Ewing E. Neelley, III ’06
Nagaraj K. Neerchal
Brian N. and Kathryn A. Neff
Isabelle M. Nehring and Odette S. Taylor
Mark E. and Pamela R. Nehring
Peggy A. ’95 and James E. Neidig, II
John E. Nelson
Sandra S. ’92 and Richard L. Nelson
Vladimir Nemirovsky ’85
Nicholas A. ’93 and Christy A. Netreba
Anne E. ’94 and Daniel B. Neuenschwander
Gerald Neumaier
Ricka E. Neuman ’73
Deborah A. Neumann ’02
Jerry M. Neumann and Naomi G. Richman
Richard F. and Alison Neville, Jr.
Jeremy E. Nevitt ’08
Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
Cynthia L. Newman ’87
Esther K. Newman ’73 and Marty Smith
James O. Newman
Jennifer M. Newman ’05
Jospeh I. and Teresa R. Newman, Sr.
Nancy L. Newman ’87
Newmans Janitorial Service
Next Century
Diana M. ’94 and William Ng
Ehren B. Ngo ’99 and Laura E. Evans
Davis Nguyen
Nguyen K. Nguyen ’06
Thoanh Nguyen and Emily Dao
Thuan M. Nguyen ’01
Thuan V. and Gina P. Nguyen
David Ni ’03
Ellen C. ’90 and Kenneth D. Nibali
Charles K. Nicholas
Cynthia R. ’77 and Charles R. ’82 Nichols
George C. Nichols
David S. ’90 and Robin Nicholson
Lauren E. Nicholson ’06
Lenwood Nicholson and Janie L. Pressley Nicholson
Marion B. Nicholson ’85
Thomas E. Nickey ’84
Zachary P. Nickey ’07, ’11
John O. ’90 and Allison M. Nikirk
Jonathan M. Nilsson ’03
Wayne A. and Karen K. Nissly
Jane F. Nitsch ’74
Douglas E. Nivens, II ’08
Bertram F. Nixon, III ’82
NJ Marlins
Yvonne E. Njage ’01
Ilana M. Nodelman ’91 and Gregory Bowman
David A. and Patricia A. Nolan
John S. and Kathleen R. Nolan
Michael A. Nolin
Hope L. ’86 and Paul Noone
Donald F. Norris
Cheryl M. North-Coleman
Northern Trust Corporation
Northrop Grumman
Northwest Savings Bank
Joseph V. and Mary L. Norton
Anthony Notari ’87
Bruce S. Nouri ’84
Novetta Solutions
Adam Novotny
Josef Novotny ’04
Michael R. Novotny ’09
Phillip G. Novotny ’11
Marc G. ’75 and Ann D. Nuger
Mike and Paula Nunez
Timothy R. and Cathy A. Nunley
Jeff L. ’87 and Kimberly L. ’87 Nupp
Augustine I. Nwachu ’04
Antonia Nwogbo
Francois and Marquise Nyandjo
Chike U. Nzegwu ’07, ’09

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David G. Obal
Steven and Phyllis O’Bott
Timothy P. and Mary O’Brien
Kevin and Lorraine O’Connor
Lawrence O’Connor, Jr.
Kathy R. O’Dell
Kenneth W. and Carole A. Oden
Elani J. Odeyale ’09
Jane H. O’Donovan
Shelly Ann E. Odwin ’88
The O’Ferrall Group, LLC
Timothy J. O’Ferrall ’95
Joshua F. ’82 and Pamela Y. ’82 Offutt, III
Sean E. Ogden ’05
Christopher J. Ogle, III ’02
T. J. and Jennifer D. O’Grady
Samuel O. and Charity B. Ogunbo
Olubukola B. Ojewoye ’08
Vanessa Okechukwu ’03
Jane C. ’03 and Jonathan E. O’Keefe
Sean P. O’Keefe ’05
Trisha L. Okine ’10, ’12
Aaron R. Oldenburg ’07
Karen H. ’86 and Mark J. Oliver
Ayotunde Olumide ’07
Stephen Omokehinde
Lesa C. ’82 and Robert L. O’Neal
Bernard L. and Mary E. O’Neill
Michael P. O’Neill, IV ’81
Stanley Onye
Onyx Point, Inc.
Open Society Institute
Alfonso J. Oporto ’01 and Imaru T. Romero
Joel D. and Susan Oppenheim
Maureen O’Prey ’04
Nicole A. Orhue ’02
Ed and Jo Orser
Ortho One
Christine N. Osazuwa ’11
Jesse D. Osborne ’07, ’10
Kofi B. Osei
Poppy A. ’87 and Joseph L. O’Shea
Funmilola D. Oshunleti ’99
Stanley J. ’88 and Leah D. Ostrow
Norman L. Otto ’91
Erin L. Ouslander ’03
Mary J. Overby ’03
Michael W. Owen
Roland A. Owens ’79
Ann M. Oxenham ’99
Linda U. Ozokwelu ’10

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Ryan C. Pachoca ’04
Robert A. Paczynski
John B. ’84 and Darlene R. Padgett
Manuel Padilla-Morales ’84 and Kimberly A. Padilla
Padonia Station
Erika H. Paduano-Karch ’84
Ralph E. Paige
Shelby M. and Pamela J. Paige
Staci N. Paige ’09, ’12
Vincente S. ’08 and Cathy Palacios
Davis Pallan ’92
Robyn M. Palmeiro
Jacqueline V. Palmer
James V. and Paula M. Palmer
Ronald J. and Helen A. Palmer
Mark B. ’80 and Bethanne Palmerino
Prasasth R. ’92 and Madhuri Palnati
Qiyuan Pan and Jianying Li
Rajesh R. Panchwagh ’90
Jonathan P. Pandolfini ’07
Lora S. Pangratz ’90
George and Anita Panicker
Rosemary F. Pantaleo-Trenkle ’74 and Anthony F. Trenkle ’79
Mark and Karen Panter
Samuel S. Panter
Scott P. Panter
Michael and Maureen A. Paone
Joseph and Laura M. Papasso
Dean T. ’80 and Maria M. Pappas
Sharon L. ’78 and Jack J. Pappas
Yevgeniya Papush ’97
Aasha N. Parikh ’02
Debra L. ’86 and Steven B. Paris
Carol A. ’72 and Thomas A. Park
Dae K. Park ’10
DoHwan Park
John Y. Park and Marie E. desJardins
Angela M. Parker ’91
Eugene and Melanie D. Parker
Heather A. Parker ’00
Kevin T. Parker ’99
Monina D. ’84 and Robert Parker
Richard D. ’95 and Meeka Parker
Michael T. ’94 and Jennifer B. Parkinson
Jeffrey A. and Bonnie Parks
John M. Parrish
Paul M. ’02 and Sarah C. Parsoneault, Jr.
Sai Subhash Paruchuru ’10
Franco ’97 and Jennifer Pastore
Alkesh D. Patel ’90
Anita A. ’07 and Arun R. Patel
Pradip Patel
Simony Y. Patel ’11
Patrice Milani Exercise Equipment
Patrick Patricelli ’94
Kimberly K. Patrick ’08
Robert S. and Kathleen A. Patrick
Edward J. ’74 and Nikki A. Patro
Sean C. Patro ’08
John V. and Stefanie C. Patti, Sr.
Marie A. Patton ’81, ’11
Mithila H. Patwardhan ’06
Jonathan R. ’06 and Sarah E. Pavlis
Raymond K. ’97 and Yvonne A. Payne
Robin S. ’06 and Vernon L. Payne
PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
PCS Administration (USA), Inc.
Peace A Pizza
Kathleen K. ’99 and Douglas R. Pear
Susan M. Pearce ’77
Michael S. Pearl ’72
Frank T. and Margaret E. Pecukonis, Jr.
Alessandra M. Pedergnana ’06
Don J. Pelto ’82
Deborah K. Peoples ’00
Pepsi Beverages Company
Paul W. Perdue ’71
Antony B. ’92, ’96 and Latha ’99 Pereira
Jennifer A. Perez ’04
Gabriela C. Perez-Alvarado ’95 and Brian Alvarado
Sarah A. ’87 and Robert A. Perina
Dwight H. Perkins
Patrice D. Perkins ’83
Harry M. Perks
Bruce B. Perry, Jr. ’97
Jacklyn N. Perry ’04, ’05
Timothy L. Perry, Jr. ’75
David Persons
Michael D. ’08 and Elaine Persons
Leslie O. ’75 and Charles E. Persse
Louis and Lisa Pesci
George V. and Jackie Peter, Jr.
Thomas E. Peters ’77
Amanda R. Peterson ’11
Bradley W. ’01 and Maura P. Peterson
Bruce E. ’74 and Christine J. Peterson
Donald P. Peterson ’81
Patricia E. ’87 and Alexander F. Petrlik
Ronald K. Pettie ’82
Eryl A. Pettit
George and Susan Petty
Nelson R. and Kristina Petulante
Kari L. Petyak ’05
Patricia P. Petz ’91
Susan R. Pfeffer ’72
William J. ’77 and Linda Pfeifer
The Pfizer Foundation, Inc.
Todd C. Pfrommer ’96
Phi Chi Alumni Association
The Philanthropy Roundtable
Derek Phillips
Dorothea M. Phillips ’93
Helen M. Phillips ’98, ’01
Melodee Phillips
Thin W. Phyu ’11
Pi Kappa Phi Fraterniity
Robert R. Pierce ’78
Constance A. ’90, ’92 and Jeffrey S. ’05 Pierson
Victoria L. Pilate ’03
Fred L. Pincus
Marc and Janet Pindral
Mardi J. Pinkney ’99
John T. and Cathy M. Pinkston
Chelsea C. ’99 and Jason A. ’00 Pinnix
Cristina M. Pinto ’88
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
James F. Pirisino ’72
Roberta A. Pirosko
D. Greg Pirovolidis ’89
Ann C. Pisano ’05
Mihir M. Pise ’03
Patricia D. ’78 and Kenneth L. ’80 Pittman
Samantha K. Pittman ’07
Todd B. Pittman ’92, ’96
Pizza Heaven
Scott D. Plante
Austin P. and Pamela C. Platt
Elizabeth A. Platz ’87
Carl E. Plitt, III
Mark J. Plogman ’78
Janice A. Plotczyk ’75
Jennifer L. Plummer ’98
Jenny L. Plummer-Welker ’90 and Gregroy D. Welker
Michael Plunkett
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
PNC Foundation
John A. and Miriam K. Pockrus
Zachary L. Poff ’01
Jacqueline M. Polashuk ’81
Gerald E. Poley and Anamaris Colberg-Poley
Judith K. Pollack ’08
Sara A. ’99 and Nathanael Pollard, Jr.
Susan A. ’76 and Joseph A. Pollizzi, III
Matthew A. Polonchak ’10
Pompeian, Inc.
Audrey Poole
Carol G. Poole ’97
Charles H. Popenoe, III ’89
Charlene D. Porter ’71
Rebekah A. Porter ’09
Laura M. Porterfield ’01
Larry M. Posey ’71
Robert ’73 and Anita Posterli
Florian Potra
Samuel A. Pottash ’79
David W. and Karen S. Potteiger
James B. ’85 and Deidre M. Potter
Marshall R. Potter
Efrem M. and Deborah K. Potts
Paul A. and Susan D. Potyraj
Charles T. and Linda A. Powers
Marsha R. Powers
Michael A. ’03 and Anne M. Powers
Patrick E. Powers, Jr. ’74
Gerard and Mary Powlen
Sergio I. Prada ’10
Ross and Lyn Prater
Karen D. Pratt ’89
Shawnielle D. Predeoux
Ian and Patricia Preece
Shirley A. ’95 and Frank Preissler
Timothy P. Prendergast ’89
Julia Prescott ’86
Deborah L. ’97, ’07 and Otis W. Prestridge, III
Johnny Prewitt
Ida L. ’05 and Robert M. Price
Lisa D. ’87 and Dwayne A. ’87 Price
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
Scott and Mary E. Prinn
Procter & Gamble Company
Lemuel M. and Patricia A. Proctor
Travis Proctor
Prolitec, Inc.
Sasivimol Promthana ’05, ’08
Prudential Foundation
Jean M. ’83 and Dominic C. Prunesti
Jack P. Pugatsky ’76
Arthene Y. Pugh
Jacob B. Puhl ’10
Folashade Pullen
Natalie C. Pulliam
Catherine M. Pulupa ’07
Andrew I. ’83 and Randi A. Pupkin
Smith and Patricia M. Purdum
Lisa M. Purdy ’95
Randolph S. ’90 and Claire H. Purdy
Lester S. Purnell, Sr.
Meredith Purvis
Raymond K. Puryear ’90
Carter M. and Helen Puskar
William A. and Charlotte B. Putland
Cheryl L. Putro
John J. and Maria B. Pycha
George S. and Diane Pyryt

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Quantum Medical Metrics, LLC
Wilfred D. Quasie-Woode and Phylinda O. Woode
Carmella Quattrone
Charles J. and Marilyn P. Quattrone, Jr.
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Lorraine W. Quick ’93
Joseph P. and Renee M. Quigg
Barbara C. ’78 and Michael Quinn
Andrea E. Quinn-Matute ’07
Lori A. Quintavalle ’04
Philip J. Quitugua ’98

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R & D Taylor Properties, LLC
Thomas D. and Carol A. Rabenhorst
Mark W. ’74 and Tami G. Radecke
Alyssa Radu
Richard E. and Doris J. Rafferty
Joelle Raichle
Robert E. Rainer, II ’86
Akanksha W. Raja ’10
Krishnamoorthy R. and Rita W. Raja
Sandeepa A. ’98 and Amit M. Rajadhyaksha
Amita Rajani ’10
Jeff A. Rajaski ’93
Rohini Ralby
Denise G. Raley ’74
Susan L. Rall ’90, ’09
Donald E. and Kellie L. Ramey
Irina M. Ramos ’07, ’09
Michael and Karen M. Ramsey
Nancy F. Ramsey
Kyle M. Rand ’10
Rosalie C. ’89 and Benjamin W. Randall, Jr.
Ruby M. Randall
C. Jill Randles
Emily L. Ranger ’92
Leslie L. Ransom ’93
Govind Rao and Ramya Gopinath
Srinivas V. and Seema S. Rao
Margaret Y. ’87 and Scott Raphael
Robert L. and Paula J. Rasera
Olaf H. ’92 and Lee A. Rask
Jeffrey D. Ratcliffe ’01
Allyson E. Ratliff ’01
Rave Reviews, LLC
Lokesh Ravindranath ’91
William L. and Karen M. Rayfield, II
Sameen Raza ’10
Mehdi Razavi ’91
Arati Raziuddin
Roderic N. Reckley ’91, ’92
Kenneth B. and Donna L. Rector
Red Arch Solutions, Inc.
Red Frog Events
Robin E. Redding
Tate O. Redding
Susan A. ’95 and Jason M. Reeb
Alan and Carrie Reed
David S. and Maryrose W. Reed
George Reed and Alethia Reed-Savoy
Jeremy J. Reed ’08, ’10
Michael Reed
Robert W. ’75 and Lorraine L. Reed
Kathryn B. ’91 and Jay C. Reeder
Christopher A. Reese ’06
James B. and Roberta Reeves, Jr.
Reginald F. Lewis Museum
Lynn M. Rehn
Stuart L. Rehr and Julia Evins
Alvin Reid
Moira A. Reid
Samuel R. ’99 and Nichelle R. Reid, Jr.
Sharon D. Reid ’91
Jeffry A. Reidler ’73
Charlene M. Reilly ’76
Justin D. Reilly ’98
Thomas P. and Florence A. Reilly
Stuart G. Reinfeld
Herbert E. ’79 and Peggy Reinhold, III
Brad T. Reitz ’11
Frederick J. Reitz, III ’10
Kenneth J. ’73 and Colleen O. Renehan
Diana C. Rengifo ’07, ’08
Lisa ’12 and Christopher Rennels
Zena A. Renteria
Barbara W. Reynolds ’74
Dawn R. Reynolds ’10, ’12
Mark A. Reynolds ’78, ’81
Robert J. and Nancy S. Reynolds
Amy E. ’04 and Thomas Rhodes
Marcia Ribeiro
Tonja M. Rice ’09
Craig and Anita Richards
Edwin M. Richards
Denise M. Richardson ’95
Joanne L. ’90 and James L. ’91 Richardson
Joyce F. Richardson
Lucille M. Richmond
Mark F. ’73 and Deborah L. Ricker
Keith T. Rider
Rider’s Lawn Service
Ahmad D. Ridley ’93
Craig W. and Jill Riedell
Denise D. ’84 and Michael A. Riedelsheimer
Scott M. Rifkin ’81
Betty A. Rigney ’01 and Louis F. Marinelli
Charlene B. ’80 and Esko Riikonen
Jacqueline A. Rinn
Margaret A. ’92 and Joseph F. Rioux
Bethann E. Ritter-Snyder ’01
Christina L. ’00 and Peter J. Ritzcovan
Ruth C. ’88 and James M. Rivera
Mary S. Rivkin
Murtaza Rizvi ’97
Kenneth ’77 and Mary P. Rizzo
Landon and Kathleen A. Roach
Gloria V. Roane ’85
Jeremy Robbi ’00
Ann E. Roberts ’93
David G. Roberts ’76
Jody D. Roberts
John Roberts
John P. and Carol A. Roberts
John T. and Susan S. Roberts
Sylvia A. Roberts ’82
Anthony Robinson
Breck L. Robinson ’86
Charlotte A. ’88 and James K. Robinson
Chester L. Robinson ’06
David B. and Kimberly D. Robinson, Sr.
Elizabeth D. Robinson ’08
Gail A. Robinson ’72
John S. Robinson
Judith M. Robinson ’75
Kimberly L. Robinson ’97
Shawn T. ’89 and Roselin D. ’01 Robinson
Steven M. ’78 and Laney D. Robinson
Susan B. ’78 and Peter J. Robinson
Thomas N. Robinson
Verna B. ’72 and Gregory ’73 Robinson
Stephen P. and Colleen E. Rochford
Eric G. Rockel ’74
Michael C. Rodger ’03
Stacy L. Rodgers Eley ’83
Stacey L. ’86 and John M. ’88 Rodkey
Steve L. Rodkey
Ana V. Rodriguez-Halpin ’02 and David J. Halpin ’06
Beverly M. Roeder
Rachel S. ’93 and Timothy J. ’91 Roessler
Edward W. and Mary E. Rogers
Frank L. Rogers ’88
Fredrick H. Rogers ’08
Herbert B. Rogers ’71
James E. Rogers ’70
Bonita A. Rohr ’03
Kathlyn G. ’00 and Mark W. Rohrbaugh
Catherine B. Rojko
Anne V. Roland
Tobey Roland
Megan Rolenc
Stavros A. Rologas
M. Darren and Nora Roman
Paula M. Romey ’89
Howard E. ’73 and Jane F. Rones
Supannika Rongsopa ’98 and Louis Klaitman
Henry K. and Johanna Rose
Kathryn M. Rose ’78 and Chris B. Lillie
Susanna Rose
Dennis C. ’75 and Sandra S. Rosen
Lawrence D. Rosen ’73 and Roslyn Scheer
Peter Rosen
Edwina A. Rosenbalm ’86
Barry A. Rosenberg ’87
Suzanne O. Rosenberg
Shepherd F. and Ann G. Rosenblum
Howard S. Rosenkoff ’70
Ilene W. Rosenthal ’76
James H. ’01 and Jane A. Roser
Joseph L. and M. Lynn Rosol
Rebecca L. Rosol ’09
Susan B. Rosskopf ’72
Thomas F. and Lorraine M. Roth
Neil and Donna R. Rothman
William G. Rothstein
Allan C. Rough
Linda S. Roundhill ’79
Philip J. Rous
The Rouse Company Foundation
Betty A. Rouse
Mary A. Rowan
Michael E. Rowan
Steve P. Rowe ’00
Jesse C. Rowton ’07
Cindy N. ’96 and Andre J. Roy, Jr.
Louise G. Roy ’91
Jill M. ’94 and A. Zack ’97, ’99 Royston
Guoyun Ru ’01, ’05 and Xiuqin Yu
Brett R. ’99 and Andrea Ruark
Michele W. Rubin ’85
Robert L. Rubinstein
Kenneth L. Ruby ’94, III and Charles G. Koster
Henry Rudolf
Emery Rudolph, Sr. ’11
Patricia M. Rudolph ’72
Jonathan P. and Jill L. Ruff
Andrei A. ’87 and Lorone Ruffin
Lyna E. Rumbarger
John and Jennifer L. Rund, Jr.
Kelly Rund
Robert P. Ruse, Jr.
Inna Ruslanova
Gregory J. Russ ’06
Roy and Theresa Russell
Amy Ruth
Lisa M. ’04 and Christopher C. Ruth
Janet C. Rutledge
Kevin and Kathleen Ryan
Sarah A. Ryan ’11
Timothy E. Ryerson ’94
Stephen A. Rykiel ’81 and Robert H. Foster, Jr.
Amy G. Rynes ’77
Olga ’94 and Yevgeny Ryzhikov

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Gregory P. ’84 and Clarissa G. Saba
Jo Anne Sabas ’77
Kathryn A. ’88 and Donald A. Sabatini
Louis B. Sachs ’82, ’86
Tom ’89 and Melissa R. Sadowski
SafeNet, Inc.
Jeffrey S. ’85 and Sharon B. Sagel
Kristin A. Sagun
Ara A. and Diane Sahakian
James Saik
Donna V. Sailer ’98
Karen M. Sakamoto ’80 and Robert N. Angell
Catherine M. Salam ’91
Kenneth Salins and Ellen Schaefer-Salins
David Salkever
Wendy Salkind
Amber B. Sallerson-Jackson ’03 and Marques D. Jackson
Maher D. Salloum ’08
Doris A. Salmond
Rita S. Saltz
Celis M. Sam ’84
Christelle K. Samen ’11
Mark T. Samonds
Jose M. Sampedro ’98
Erwin R. Sanchez ’08
Manuel A. and Lidia R. Sanchez
Felicia E. ’96 and Dale L. Sanders
Jeffrey E. Sanders ’91
Rochelle Y. Sanders ’08
James W. Sandoz ’76
Mark and Christina T. Sandquist
Jeremy R. Sansbury ’99
Barbara M. Santamaria
Alfredo Santiago ’08
Laura A. Santos ’02
Craig Saper
Jill H. ’98 and Louis E. Sapperstein
Stephen L. Saradin
Sanatan Saraf ’10
Jean-Paul and Justyna Sardin
Steven D. and Jeannette L. Sargent
Anastasia Sarioglou
Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
Donna M. ’09 and John A. Sasenick
Grady Sass
Tanya M. Sasvary ’98
Abby M. Sattell ’73 and Marc A. Berman ’88
Maria F. Satyshur ’11
Janet P. Sauer ’71
Scott J. Sauer ’05
William R. Sauerwald ’90
Geoffrey D. ’10 and Leah B. Saunders
Jeannine L. Saunders ’77
Sharon A. ’89 and Michael A. Saunders
Carrie Sauter ’96 and Craig T. Palmer
Adetokunbo O. Savage ’02
Bryan F. Savage and Karin E. Readel
Jimmie E. Savage and Patricia S. Kruppa
Stephen A. Savoy, Jr. ’94
Scott R. ’12 and Erin M. Sawicki
Chad D. Sawyer
Seth A. Sawyers ’99
Sanjay and Preeti Saxena
Victoria A. Saxon ’02
Jack L. ’98 and Nancy E. ’83 Sayers
SC & H Group, Inc.
Louis and Patricia A. Scalfari
Stephen W. Scarbath ’89
Arvie Z. Scates
Bradley A. Scates ’99
Larry J. Schaaf
Jerome R. ’78 and Yvonne N. Schaefer
Brian C. Schaeffer
David J. Schamp ’79
Homer W. Schamp, Jr.
Lori and Robert Schapiro Foundation
Robert M. Schapiro ’05, ’12
Charles W. Scharnagle, III ’85
Lidia A. Schechter ’82, ’10
Emily J. Scheerer
Ernest and Cathy Scheidegger, Jr.
Adam E. Scher ’82
Howard E. Scher
Albert C. and Carol M. Schickner
Michael J. Schickner
Nancy Schill
Jason J. Schlemmer ’10
Susan J. Schlenger
Suzanne J. Schlenger
Sarah H. Schlenker
Betsy F. ’81 and Bruce Schmickley, Jr.
Charles E. Schmitt ’96
Christa I. Schmitt
Edward J. ’89 and Adrienne Schmitz
Katie Schmitz
Lauren A. Schnaper ’71
Louis J. Schneider ’72
Mel and Marilyn Schneider
Denise Schoeberlein
Andrew Schoeder
Henry and Patricia Schoenberger
Louis G. Schornstein
K. Renee Schreckengast ’96
John and Elizabeth Schreiner
Colleen C. ’09 and Christopher J. Schreyer
Brad S. ’84 and Cindi R. Schrum
John J. Schuermann
John L. and Janice Schuler
Maureen E. ’93 and Gregory D. Schuler
Elizabeth M. Schull
Sherwin D. ’93 and Beverly S. Schulterbrandt
David J. Schultz ’85
Michele Schultz
Andrea L. Schumacher ’92, ’04 and William L. LeConte, Jr.
Dean E. Schuster and Erma Orth-Schuster
Allan E. Schwartz, Jr. ’89
David M. ’85 and Michelle Schwartz
Jack Schwartz ’72
Martin R. Schwartz
Robert L. Schwartz ’91
Sol R. ’92 and Ilene L. Schwartz
Paul D. Schwartzman
Tania M. Scinto ’93
Scitor Corporation
Brad Scott
Charles G. ’92 and Diana M. Scott
Elliot R. Scott ’08
Frederick and Darcy Scott
Troy F. and Karen M. Scroggin
Savanna M. Seabolt ’09
Richard B. ’76 and Robynn Searight, III
Colette C. Searls
Donna L. Sebly ’73
Sokhna D. Seck ’10
Secret Sneaker, Inc.
Matthew D. ’96 and Juliana K. ’97 Sedgley
Carole L. ’84 and Ray E. ’05 Seeling, Jr.
Mary S. Seidel
Allen I. and Ruth A. Seidman
Andrew J. Seiger ’85
Robert K. ’71 and Mary P. Sellers, III
Rosalie Sellman
Rita M. ’81, ’91 and David H. Selman
Ravindranath Selvaraj ’88 and Leela Ravindranath
Lorraine T. Selway ’86
Robert and Mieko Selzler
Joseph N. Sementelli ’08
Ralph D. Semmel ’92 and Esta M. Glazer-Semmel
Joseph T. ’81 and Karen A. Senesi
Jattu C. Senesie ’96
Hashini R. Seneviratne
Ranjith P. and Latha P. Seneviratne
Sneha Senjalia
Bruno Seppi
Marta Seres ’01
James E. Sergent ’96
Joseph A. ’81 and Andrea M. Serio
Betsy N. ’90 and Edward M. Serp
Margaret K. Seuss ’90
Daniel M. ’92 and Kristie J. ’95 Sexton
Glen D. and Emily C. Sexton, Jr.
Berk Sezgin ’06
David E. ’00 and Karyn Shackelford
Mary E. ’12 and Lance R. Shaffer
Michele B. ’82 and John W. ’82 Shaffer
Rehana B. Shafi
Fenil Shah ’11
Premal B. ’01 and Pooja Shah
Rakesh and Nimisha Shah
Amir A. Shahegh ’90
Narmin F. ’07, ’09 and Hasan Shahid
Barbara Shahpazian
Roberta K. Shaker ’78
David B. Shapiro ’77
Deborah A. Shapiro
M. Sigmund & Barbara K. Shapiro Philanthropic Fund
Ronald M. and Kathryn A. Shapiro
Ernest F. and Margit F. Sharff, II
Gaurav Sharma ’08, ’10
The Sharoky Family Foundation
Juliana ’06 and Jason Sharp
Kathleen S. Shaughnessy ’81, ’86
Joan M. Shaull ’74
Valerie I. ’84 and Dan Shealer, Jr.
Angela S. ’72 and Donald W. Shearer, Jr.
Abu Mohammad Omar Shehab Uddin Ayub
Chung Y. Shek ’03
Sandra L. Sheldon ’89 and Raymond F. Hargadon
Mark Shell ’05
Shelter Eldercare Foundation, Inc.
Christopher M. Shelton ’09
Eva W. ’79 and Arthur Shelton
Chu-Chih ’80 and Li-Li Sheng
Dana L. Shepherd ’08
Lisbeth Sherman
Walter K. and Rosalie Sherwin, Jr.
David R. ’98 and Margit K. Shetterly
Tzongshyan G. Sheu ’82
William C. Shewbridge ’80
Chung-Lin Shie
Anna M. Shields
Kim Shifren ’88
Judy D. ’70 and Richard R. Shilling
Joan K. Shin ’99, ’08
Sarah J. Shin
Amanda P. Shinholser ’11
Steven E. and Keller Shinholser
Benjamin F. Shipley ’76
Jeffrey L. and Robin B. Shipley
Regginald and Sheila Shipp
Kali N. Shirk ’09
Maurice A. Shirley and Darlene T. Barbour-Shirley
Elizabeth A. ’82 and Orbie R. Shively
Ben A. Shneiderman
Phil Shockley ’04, ’09
Charles M. ’80 and Nancy L. Shockney, Jr.
Haven N. Shoemaker, Jr. ’87
Robert and Deborah Sholtes
Grigori Shpilman ’06
Matthew C. Shrout ’06
John D. Shuey ’84
Wallace Shugg
Kimberly E. Shurupoff ’09, ’11
Wen-Jong Shyong ’86, ’91
Haw-Jye and Yee-Wen Shyu
William C. ’12 and D. Lorayne Sibbers
Jeffrey R. Sickoria ’01
Ravikiransatya Siddani ’03, ’07
Tariq Siddiqui ’10
Loren K. Siebert ’93
Richard T. Siehler, Jr. ’94
Gene P. and Patricia Siggins, Jr.
Susan Signore-Smith ’91 and William P. Smith
Kevin J. Sigwart ’03
Christopher J. ’76 and Kathleen G. Silanskis
Elizabeth A. Silberholz ’09
Elizabeth L. Silva ’97
Mareena J. Silva ’03
Kimberly M. Silva-Lepe ’86
Jeffrey J. Silver ’79
Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White, LLC
Dennis G. Silverman ’71
Vigen Simchian ’99
Greg E. ’04 and Angela Simmons
William C. Simmons ’77
Tracey A. Simmons-Willis ’93
Troy M. Simms ’09
Charlyn K. Simpson ’09
Jody M. ’77 and Marc B. ’77 Singer
Sarah M. Singh ’08
Bimal K. and Suchandra Sinha
Vicki L. Sipe
Judith M. Sipes ’74
Edward M. and Susan L. Skevington
Frank A. Skinner ’72
Mary F. Skinner
Eric R. Skrabacz ’08
Andris T. Skuja ’70
Nancy Slacum
Charles H. and Theresa K. Slater, Jr.
Sean S. Sliney ’97
Robert A. Sloane
Paul S. Sloboda ’75
Edward J. ’79 and Kathleen E. Slunt
Sue E. Small
Andrew Smart ’03
Pamela L. Smelser ’76
Valerie G. Smith Hirsch
Andrew B. Smith
Bernard and Penelope Smith
Creighton C. Smith ’84
Darrin and Sharnee Smith, Sr.
David B. ’87 and Kelly L. Smith
Douglas D. Smith ’79
Douglas T. and Beth C. Smith
Gary A. and Carolyn W. Smith
Gerald H. and Catherine A. Smith
Glenn A. Smith ’87
Haydn O. Smith
James T. and Sandra C. Smith, Jr.
Jennifer H. Smith ’88
Jonathan D. ’77 and Barbara L. Smith
Joseph C. and Joanna M. Smith, Jr.
Leon and Huttie Smith
Martin F. ’90, ’96 and Joyce C. Smith
Nicole S. Smith ’02
Pamela L. Smith
Patricia A. Smith ’74 and John L. Bergbower *
Patricia C. ’84 and Graham Smith
Randall R. Smith
Susan C. ’72 and Vernon F. Smith, Jr.
Susan D. ’89 and Wayne L. Smith
Theodore A. Smith ’79
William A. and Helen M. Smith
Rhonda J. Smith-Simmons ’95 and Thomas Simmons
Lori J. Smith-Watson ’85 and George C. Watson ’02
Eric S. ’96 and Valerie C. Smothers
Sheila Y. Snowden ’82
Kurt L. Snyder ’75
Mary M. Snyder
William R. Snyder
Society of Automotive Engineers
Joseph M. Socoby ’00
SOCS, Inc.
Emmanuelle D. Sohahong-Kombet ’08
Lisa S. Sohigian ’76
Martin M. Sokoloski
Phillip G. Sokolove
Sheldon R. ’03 and Marilyn J. Soltis
Darlene M. Soltys ’87
John W. Sondheim and Emily R. Greenberg
Matthew I. Song ’10
Yoon J. Song ’97, ’99, ’02
John W. ’99 and Stephanie Sonnichsen
Sunil P. Soprey ’98
Charlotte M. ’72 and Richard J. ’71 Soracoe
Joan A. Soroka ’78
Albert N. and Myrna J. Sotto
Brian V. Souders ’09
South Jersey Young Guns, LLC
David E. and Barbara D. South
William H. Southwood ’08
Martin S. Sowa ’97
Wendy and Michael Spafford
Lynn C. Sparling
Frank J. ’85 and Paula C. Spasaro, Jr.
Brandon K. ’97 and Jennifer H. Speace
Sandra L. Speiser ’91 and Christopher J. English ’93
Rhonda M. Spells
Alex J. Spencer ’75
James R. ’78 and Gail L. Spencer, Jr.
Jordanna J. Spencer ’09
Maria R. Spezio ’89
Philip J. and Laura K. Spinelli
Adrienne A. Spirt ’80 and Richard G. Jones
Thomas J. ’95 and Heather G. Spratt
Jon S. ’96 and Sharon K. Squire
SRC, Inc.
Venkatiah and Leela Sreenivas
Anjali Srivastava
Manoj K. ’96 and Shaina J. Srivastava
Lucia St. Clair Robson
Lloyd D. St. Rose, Jr. ’01
Lisa A. Stachura ’95
Aljorie S. Stallings ’99
Bernard J. and Joan Q. Stang
Christina M. Stanger ’11
Joseph T. Stanik ’99 and Julie A. Stanik-Hutt
Stacey M. Stanley ’91
David A. and Ellen Stanton
Claudia Staplefoot
Arlynne S. Stark ’72 and James Mims
Janice C. Starr
Michelle A. Starz-Gaiano
Christopher P. Steele
Donn S. Steele, II ’03
Linda B. Stein ’91 and Carl R. Lubick
Steve L. Steinbach
Robert L. and Christine J. Steiner
Kathy Steinheimer
Martha J. Stenersen ’76
Maria A. Stephens
Monise A. Stephenson
Rebecca A. ’86 and Jack E. Stephenson
Peter J. Sterba ’09
Ivan M. and Rosalind C. Stern
Hilda Stevan ’72
Ilija Stevcev ’06
Catherine A. Stevens ’78
Darren M. Stevens ’95
Claymon A. and Ginina Stevenson, II
Fay A. Stevenson
Angela L. ’91 and Aaron J. Stewart
Raj A. Stewart ’02 and Chanon Jones
Scott A. ’96 and Sharon L. Stewart
Steven E. Stewart ’79
Wendy W. ’77 and Tom ’74 Stewart, III
Stacey E. ’98 and Kevin M. ’99 Stine
Raymond and Joyce Stinsman, Jr.
Carol F. Stinson
Eleanor O. Stipe
David and Ellie Stock
Norman and Lisa Stockbridge
A.E. and Sandy L. Stockton
Carrie L. Stockwell ’06
Mark D. Stoff ’71
Peter E. ’97 and Sarah A. Stokes
Sarah A. ’08 and Bret H. Stokes
Darrin M. Stolba ’88
John Stolle-McAllister
Brian and Laureen Stone
Richard L. and Cynthia A. Stone, II
Vanessa M. Stone ’99
Robert and Regina F. Stoner
Patrick and Dawn Stonko
Rudolph H. and Katherine L. Storch
R. Gregory and Marilyn B. Stortstrom
Juliet J. Strachan ’08
David W. Strack and Karen Porter
Hazel Strahorn
Wayne A. ’87 and Fran ’96 Straitz
Richard B. and Vivian R. Stranahan
Melissa O. Stratton ’10
Cindy A. Strauss
Karl E. Strauss ’03
Melissa K. Strege ’05
Courtney L. Stringer ’03
Donna R. ’88 and Martin Strittmatter
Benjamin M. ’01, ’04 and Maria T. Strong
Donald A. ’97 and Leslie A. Strzegowski
Reginald A. Stuart, II ’93
Emilie L. Stuber
Studio 1612
Ching-Yun and Yuan-Shu Su
Haijun Su
Jen-Tai and Cynthia Su
Samuel M. ’11 and An-Tsu Su
Jack ’81, ’95  and Kathleen Suess, III
Tazuko Sugajima ’10
Wendi B. Sugarman ’87
Patricia M. ’74 and Donald Suit
John M. and Susan J. Sullivan
Kathryn Sullivan
Kathryn Sullivan
Robin L. and Paula J. Summerfield
Dale E. Summers ’82
Geoffrey P. Summers
Michael F. and Holly R. Summers
Mary K. Sumner ’02
Yijun Sun ’98, ’99
Bruce and Regina Supanick
David A. and Elaine L. Superdock
David T. and Beth E. Superdock
Kevin and Jennifer G. Superdock
Nancy P. ’74 and Mark Supik
Cassandra C. Surber ’09
Manil Suri
Kathy L. Sutphin ’95
Bill E. and Shirlee M. Sutton
Patricia L. Sutton ’91
Wendell K. ’76 and Esperance E. Sutton
Yuriy Sverchkov ’08
John A. Svrjcek ’84 and Beth C. Diehl-Svrjcek
Karyn C. Swann ’92
Ronald J. Swatski
David T. and Mary E. Sweeney
Thuy-Tien T. ’79 and Gary D. Swiec
Charles E. Swift ’86 and Deborah L. Stenkamp
Robert M. Swisko ’74
David J. and Mojgan Sylva
Anthony and Deborah L. Sylvester
Geza Szabo ’06
Roman ’92, ’94  and Joanna D. Sznajder
Richard E. Szymanski ’76

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Mary J. Tabaa ’00
Telesforo and Avelina Tabili
Julia H. Tahan ’85
Ellen L. Talbott ’94
Andrew C. ’94 and Kelly M. Talley
William and Sandra Tan
Bharat Tandon ’10
Chun Tang ’03
Jacqueline A. Tangires ’86
Tapas Teatro
William J. Tarleton, Jr. ’89
Jonathan E. Tarrant ’96
David A. Tatum ’08
Ilisa B. Tawney ’99
Ella J. Taylor ’74
Joby B. Taylor ’05
Leonard B. Taylor ’98
Vanessa A. Taylor ’77
Henry Tembo
Joyce E. Tenney ’79
Rachel E. Tenney ’04
Terrapin Adventures
Margaret E. ’98 and John E. Terry
Robert B. Testani
Carla P. Tevelow ’81
Ivan T. Tewell ’09
Karen T. Tewell
Olatundun Teyibo
Darrell and Sarah Thacher
Sudipkumar R. ’09 and Himali Thakkar
Deborah A. Thatcher-Wilson ’78
Nancy L. Theodore ’77 and Russell L. Waddell
Anthony W. Thomas ’89
Jamilliah N. Thomas ’98
Joe Thomas
Karen E. ’98 and Jerry Thomas
Maceo M. Thomas ’93
Millicent N. Thomas ’01
Valerie A. Thomas
Clarretta E. Thomas-Kellum ’82
Rebecca A. Thompson Goedeke ’83 and Harry S. Goedeke
Dale P. and Patricia R. Thompson
Diane M. ’73 and Richard E. Thompson
Frederick A. ’87 and Elizabeth A. Thompson
Kenneth and Mary Thompson
Kwaku O. Thompson ’04
Nicholas E. Thompson and Kimberly Bevard-Thompson
Nicholas S. Thompson
Ray A. Thompson ’82
Theodore A. Thompson ’96
Helene ’85 and Gregory K. Thoreson
John E. and Joan Thorp
Carolyn J. Tice
Brandon L. Tilghman
Mary K. Tilghman ’79 and Raymond G. Truitt
Julia R. Tillman ’07
Miriam K. Tillman
James and Elizabeth H. Tilman
Paul S. Timmel ’84
Douglas S. and Robin Tintle
John M. and Louise Titchener
J. Christopher Tkacik ’90
TNG, Inc.
Toby’s Dinner Theatre
Carmel Todd
Richard and Michele A. Toebbe, III
James E. Togashi ’84
Theresa C. ’70 and Mikio Togashi
Vincent S. Tola ’08
Michael Tomasulo
Tim Topoleski
Lydia R. Topper ’82
Joseph A. Torchia
Diane Torman
Elizabeth M. Torman
Towne Transport, LLC
Steven D. Townes ’06
Linda M. Townsend ’88
Victor C. and Jennie Toy
Toys R Us
Dean and Helena Trabacchi
Babielyn Trabbic
Mary Jo ’85 and Robert W. Tracey
David G. Trachtenberg
Stephen and Susan Tracy
John O. ’98 and Karen E. Trageser
Eugene A. ’86 and Barbara R. Trainor, III
Emma J. Tramble ’11
Trammell Crow Company
Mien T. Tran ’89
Bach-Tuyet Tran-Jeffrey ’79 and Robert I. Jeffrey
Robert S. Travis ’85
Allen D. ’86 and Nancy Trawick
Fred A. Trenkle ’75
Louis Trentacoste, Jr.
Adam W. Trice ’04
E. R. ’96 and S. C. Trice
James P. ’85 and Jane M. ’84 Trice
Han N. Trinh ’88
Deatra K. ’00 and Norman A. Trinidad
Allison Trinkle
Kristian M. Troster ’08
John Troxel
Christopher J. Truffer ’00
Gordon E. and Mary C. Truitt
Stacey C. Trunnell ’06
Suzanne C. Trupp ’80
David M. Truscello ’08
Latasha B. Tucker ’03
Shirley L. Tucker
Renetta G. Tull
David A. and Donna Tummillo
The Turner Corporation
James C. Tyler ’06
Trenton A. Tyler ’94
Eileen M. Tynan

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Cori E. Uccello
Margarita R. Ugarte-Caffyn ’86, ’95 and Edwin Caffyn
Chidinma A. Ukoha ’07
Leonard J. and Dawn M. Ulicny
Arnulfo P. and Myrna Umagat
Neduvarambakkam T. and Mallika Umamaheswaran
UMBC Hillel
UMBC Training Centers, LLC
Judith Ann L. Ungar ’80
United Way of Central Maryland, Inc.
University of Maryland Alumni Association International, Inc.
University Sports Publications Co., Inc.

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Arthur E. ’82 and Cathleen Vail, Jr.
Harish J. and Priti Vakil
Sandra Valentin
Gregory N. ’80 and Deborah Valenzuela
Susan R. Valett ’86
Haritha Vallabhaneni ’09 and Ravi Talasila’09
Kevin T. Van Auker ’94
Anne L. Van Benschoten
Adrian and Jean Van der Kaay
James P. Van Haneghan ’86 and Abigail Baxter ’85
Diana Van ’08
Adrian P. Vancea ’09
Victoria A. Vanik ’79
Constantine Vaporis
Rajeev R. Varma
Nimish P. Vartak ’06
Prasen and Priti P. Vasavada
Elisa A. Vassas
Robert J. and Dana L. Vaughn
Peter Vavoules
Vector Marketing Corporation
Vehicles for Change
Michael Velez
Theodore and Patricia Velkoff
Aaron S. Velky ’09
Ronald and Kathryn A. Velky
Nicole I. Veltre ’01
Marco S. Venida ’86
Elliott Q. Ventura ’83 and Kristina A. Fideli-Ventura
Gene M. and Sheila A. Verardi
Victoria Vergara
Joan C. Verrichia
Jo Ellen ’80 and Joseph Vespo
Andrea R. Vespoint ’11
Kristina J. Vest
Wayne and Georgette Vetock
Lisa P. Vetter ’91
Christelle K. Viauroux
Domenick and Kathleen A. Vicchio
Thomas J. Vicino ’04
Danielle N. Viens-Payne ’10
Viking Mat Club
Barbara R. ’96 and Miguel E. Vilar
Jari Villanueva and Heather D. Faust
William M. ’10 and Amy N. Vincent
Irina Vishnevetsky ’99
Nicholus Visnich ’82, Jr. and Sylvia M. Suarez
Emily A. ’87 and Christian F. Vissers
Robert Vissing
George M. ’73 and Eugenie ’73 Vitak
Clolita M. Vitale ’75
Mary A. Vlasic
Robert A. and Susan Vlasic
David O. and Sandra T. Vogel
Royston S. Voglezon ’09
William S. ’96 and Lisa M. Volz, Jr.
Zachary D. Vonder Haar ’10, ’11
Richard W. Vonkorff
Coerte V. and Wendy W. Voorhies
Cheryl J. ’90 and Rodger D. Vorhauer
Dhaval M. Vyas ’10
Maheshchandra and Advindaben Vyas
James J. Vykol ’02
Timothy J. Vyskocil ’07

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Susan L. ’02 and Gustave F. Wachter
Ana M. Wackenfeld
Wagner Management Group, LLC
David G. and Hanna Wagner
James P. Wagner ’83, ’88
Jody L. Wagner ’83
Krista M. Wagner ’99
Michael J. Wagner
Robert B. Wagner ’95
George H. ’02 and Jessica M. Wakefield, Jr.
Lorissa ’88 and James Wakefield
Charles D. ’71 and Suzanne H. Walder
Patricia C. Waldman ’74
Leslie A. Walker Wilson ’74, ’76 and Courtney B. Wilson
Dale E. Walker
Jeffrey A. ’90 and Kristen W. Walker
John R. and Grace M. Walker
Jonathan I. Walker ’91
Loreen D. Walker ’90
Robert J. ’78, ’87 and Nancy Walker
Robert W. and Sally W. Walker
Samuel and Jacqueline R. Walker
Christopher J. Wallington ’05
Robert J. Wallner
Allen B. Walls ’99
James P. Walmsley ’80
Jo M. ’02 and Craig D. Walrath
Barnard Walsh
Carol A. ’83 and Thomas M. Walsh
Marjorie A. Walsh
Barbara A. Walters ’84, ’07, ’09
Kevin K. Wang ’02
Wei Wang ’08, ’09
Ying Wang ’03, ’05 and Feng Liu
John and Lisa Waraksa
John P. Waraksa ’11
Charles and Jacqueline Ward
Dennis L. ’84 and Elizabeth C. Ward
Harry W. Ward, Jr.
Scott R. Ward ’92
Kelly A. Warner ’08
Thomas B. Warner and Paula A. Obal
Kathleen Warnock ’80
Sharon Warren
Patrick and Lorie Wartman
Kristine D. Wash ’93
Shannon N. Washburn ’08
Washington Capitals
Washington Nationals
Carlene A. ’89 and Marvin E. Washington
Rene Wasserkrug ’90
Lisa G. Waterman ’95
Anthony T. Watkins ’02
Robert E. ’00 and Nicole L. ’01, ’10 Watkins, Jr.
Valerie A. Watkins ’80
Crystal C. Watkins-Johansson ’95 and Nicholas Johansson
Mark and Maryanne Watson
Robert and Beulah Watts
Sharon K. ’78 and Wayne A. Watts
Raymond G. and Sally G. Waugh
Annica M. ’99 and Brian ’99 Wayman
Alagra D. Weaver
M. Alice Webb ’81
Catherine S. Weber
Renee B. Webster-Carter ’80
Donna L. ’05, ’08 and Daniel E. Wecker
Marcus G. Weekes ’05
William J. and Katherine D. Weglein, Jr.
Mark B. ’94 and Kristina M. Wehland
Valerie S. Weiler ’94
John F. Weimaster ’75
Barton S. Weiner ’73
Barry L. Weinman ’74
Elsie Weinstein ’89
Jean B. Welch
Wells Fargo Bank
Andrew R. Wells ’02
Elizabeth A. Wells ’74
Email B. Wells, Jr. ’10
Kevin M. Wells ’99
Scott and Lynn A. Wells
Stacy L. ’98 and William R. ’98 Wells
Ward E. and Karen L. Wensch
Michael C. Wentling ’91
Marisa J. Werner ’85
Teresa Werner
William O. ’83 and Melanie R. ’90 Wesley, Jr.
West End Service, Inc.
Matthew and Sandra A. Weston-Dawkes
German F. Westphal
Thomas L. Wetterau ’75
Victor G. Wexler
Helen P. Weyand
Dale L. Whalen
John A. Wheatland, Jr. and Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland
Nkenge S. Wheatland ’09
Rhoda Wheeler
Thomas V. Wheeler, Jr. ’84, ’89
Christina M. Whims ’95
Ryan G. and Tammy L. Whipp
Rebecca A. Whipple ’03
Chad E. Whistle
John R. Whitaker, Jr. ’81
Kylor E. and Susan F. Whitaker
White  Cliffs Consulting, LLC
Brenda D. White ’79
Kathleen M. ’95 and Patrick W. White
Billie R. Whitfield, Jr. ’93
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Donald T. Whitley ’11
Kevin M. and Lisa Whitman
Marianna C. ’87 and Arden T. Widmann
David J. Wieczorek ’79
Kenneth F. and Alma T. Wiegand, Jr.
Karen C. ’86 and Scott A. Wight
Larry Wilder ’70
Keith A. Wiley ’09 and Naomi D. Greengrass
Matthew T. ’02 and Teresa J. Wiley
Troy L. Wilkerson ’99
David B. Wilkinson ’87
David Willard
William F. and Ann Marie Willard
Debra A. Willey ’85
Antonio Williams
Aparna D. ’96 and Brandon T. Williams
Avril L. Williams ’98
Bertha N. Williams ’99
Christina M. Williams
Craig and Charnell Williams
Dana O. Williams
David E. Williams ’79
Deborah G. Williams
Douglas E. ’84 and Georgianna C. Williams
Glenn F. ’01 and Patricia A. Williams
John M. Williams ’04
Lenard J. Williams ’07
Lillet B. Williams ’95
Marie J. Williams ’98
Patrice L. Williams ’81
Randye L. ’84 and Mark A. Williams
Robert and Denise A. Williams
Robert E. ’81 and Karen T. Williams
Beulah M. Williamson ’75
Michelle ’07 and Joseph H. Williamson
Ruth Williamson ’77
Monica E. Williams-Randall ’04
Don B. and Lynn E. Willingham
Marsha E. Willis
Sarah E. Willis ’10
Alexander Wilmot ’04
Bonnie K. ’80 and Steven L. Wilson
Bruce E. and Alyson M. Wilson
Charlene A. Wilson ’90
Colin T. Wilson ’05
Colleen L. Wilson
Hannah K. Wilson ’10
Jenelle P. Wilson ’07
K. Nancy Wilson ’72
Keith W. Wilson ’85
Mary Ann Wilson
Melissa N. Wilson
Michael W. and Jennifer A. Wilson
Nicole M. Wilson ’08 and John Plunkert
Lawrence J. and Pamela G. Wilt
Miriam W. Winder-Kelly
Roger and Edith A. Windsor
L. Mark and Blanche Wine
Kathryn B. Wing ’71
John Winkfield
Kenneth F. Wise ’87
Michael C. Wise ’05
David M. Wisniewski
Jill H. ’80 and Steve Witkin
John and Valerie A. Wittkamper
Robert J. Wobbeking ’71
Amy M. Woerner ’84
Erin E. Wohlers ’11
Gary Wohlstetter
Suzanne R. Wojewodzki
George J. Wojtech
Gregory J. ’03 and Jennifer C. Wojtech
Carl L. Wolf ’08
Julie B. ’83 and Richard E. Wolf, Jr.
Stephen A. and Mary T. Wolfe
Brian D. Wolff ’00
Ronda J. Wolford-Smith ’96 and Andrew C. Smith
Tyra A. Womack ’85
Nicole K. Wong ’10
David M. Woo ’89 and Chong Cheong
Brian P. and Heidi G. Wood
Dennis and Dana Wood
J. Zach ’98 and Anna C. Wood
Steven M. Wood and Joan Spornberger-Wood
William A. ’76 and Michelle L. Woodard, Jr.
Mildred Woodland ’85
Rachelle M. Woods ’93 and Mark A. Hinman ’95
Patrick K. Woodward ’07
Jason L. Woody ’04
Rosalyn A. Woolbright-Malloy ’91 and Daniel Malloy
Alvester W. and Tanja G. Woolfolk
Charles M. Woolston
Albert D. ’00 and Brandi C. Wooten
John H. ’93 and Lore B. Wootton, III
Terrance L. Worchesky
Forrest D. Workman ’79 and Maire S. Mahanes
World Wide Technology Advanced Solutions
Worldwide Information Network Systems
Dennis S. Woroniecki
Michael S. and Robin L. Woronowicz
Warren J. Wortman ’78
Stephen C. and Lorena Wren
Donela C. Wright ’05
Garrett A. Wright ’01
Patricia T. Wright ’87
Velvet E. Wright ’09
Tashia D. Wright-Abdullah ’98 and Sadiqq I. Abdullah ’00
Thomas M. ’76 and Kathleen L. Wrublewski
Ho C. ’08 and Hyun A. Wu
Kenneth J. Wu ’05 and Stephanie Cha
Qufei W. Wu ’06
Yanping Wu ’06 and Weiyuan Jiang
Yueh-Ying Wu ’96
Zhuchun Wu ’94 and Wenlan Huang
Alyssa L. ’03 and Thomas W. ’03 Wunk
David M. Wunsch and Cathy Zaidlicz
Andrea Wynter ’02

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Qian Xia ’93 and Weiqiang Sun ’93, ’95
Yifan Xie ’99
Dihua Xu ’08, ’11
Hongwei L. and Xia Xu
Jing Xu ’02 and Canghai Lu’02

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Steven Yalowitz
Yuk-Sing and Hawyee T. Yan
Dongliang Yang ’06 and Nan Luo
Kevin R. Yang ’07
Sabine D. Yang ’11
Ye Yang
Louis and Michaela D. Yannone
Orlando H. Yarborough, III ’03
Derek B. Yarmis ’88
Tobias Yarmolinsky and Phyllis Menken
Carol D. Yates ’86
Timothy C. Yau and On Yau Cheuk
Geoffrey A. Yeadon
Chris R. and Monica Yeakel
Teresa M. ’80 and Edward W. Yee
Christopher D. Yetter ’04
Eldon L. and Olga R. Yoder
Jae W. Yoo ’08
Joon Yoon ’11
Charles K. Yost, Jr. ’80
Kevin E. Yost ’90
David W. Young ’74
Gary A. Young
Greta A. Young
Nancy D. Young
Reuben F. and Pamela T. Young
Russell D. ’74 and Tacye A. Young
Shirley A. Young ’94
Siobhan E. ’87 and David K. Young
Susan H. ’99 and Ralph A. Youngs, Jr.
Robert M. ’86 and Mary Ellen Younkins
Airong Yu ’10
Benny Yu ’94
Shaofeng Yu ’88 and Baifei J. Zeng ’92
Daniel S. and Christina M. Yuan

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Nina Zacharias
Kathy P. Zamostny *
Catherine Zaranis ’07, ’10
William P. ’73, ’05 and Connie H. ’84 Zaruba
Edward M. ’82 and Gina M. ’82 Zawitoski
Annette M. Zehler
Margaret Zellhofer
Martin Zemel ’77
Bernard Zerfas
Francis A. Zerfas
Steven P. Zerhusen
Kathleen G. Zerrlaut
Zergabachew Zewdie and Firehiwoit M. Alemu
Nan Zhang ’03 and He Liang
Sean Zhang and Sarah Xie
Xiangjun Zhao ’06
Liu Zheng ’89, ’94 and Wan W. Chen
Wenxin Zheng and Baihua Sun
Liang Zhou and Hai-Ping Wu
Wen Zhou
Liang Zhu
Yan-Jin Zhu ’08
Carl S. Zimmerman ’81
Donald J. Zimmerman
Robert M. Zimmerman ’79
Nebojsa V. Zimonjic ’07
Heidi M. ’96 and David D. Zinke
David L. ’71 and Marcie A. ’84 Zisow
Aaron Zitner and Ricki L. Farber
William F. and Lynn P. Zoller
Michael L. Zollicoffer, Jr. ’80
Robert and Debra Zurkowski
Wayne B. ’74 and Ellen P. Zuskin
Silviya P. Zustiak ’09
Michael A. Zwaig ’81
Ricardo D. Zwaig ’77
Diana L. Zwaig-Krol ’79 and Bernard H. Krol
John W. Zweck
Richard J. Zwolinski ’01
Zynga, Inc.