Learning is everything at UMBC. Find out why your gift matters so much.

Use the links below to learn more about:

• Why supporting the UMBC Annual Fund is so important
• What the numbers really mean in terms of budget and student support
• What the university’s top priorities are for giving
• Why individuals have chosen to support UMBC
• How an endowed chair can aid professors
• How to contact staff to learn more

Feel good about giving. Find the tools and answers you need to make an impact at UMBC.

Your gift matters to UMBC. Read on to learn more about:

• How to make a one-time or recurring online gift
• Learn about what to support
• How to leave a legacy using planned giving tools
• How to put your name on a building, bench or brick
• Frequently asked questions

We all give for different reasons. Read about other donors – and share your personal giving story.

We hope you will use this section to:

• Celebrate those who have supported the UMBC Annual Fund
• Hear reasons why donors make UMBC a yearly priority
Share your own stories about UMBC and giving
• See what’s happening on campus

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