Retriever Believer: Spring 2013



Alumni Association Board of Directors President Bennett Moe '88 meets with his scholarship student, senior Winter Beckles.Donors and Students Share Success Stories at Annual Scholarship Luncheon
More than 100 donors and students met — many of them for the first time — last month to celebrate the lasting legacy the support of scholarships can bring. > Read more and see a slideshow from the luncheon

clothes2Alumni Donations Help Students “Clothes The Deal”
Students kicked off Career Week 2013 a bit more “dressed to impress” than normal this year thanks to alumni, staff and faculty donations to “Clothes The Deal,” a program through which students improved their career wardrobes (for free!) and better prepared themselves for future job searches. > Read more here

hunsickerScholarship Q&A: Kate Hunsicker ’14, English and Dance
Kate grew up in a Retriever family — in fact, her father, uncle and brother also all attended UMBC. For good reason, Hunsicker is this year’s Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship recipient. > Read more here

library_wpeople_HRNew Computer Science Scholarship
Tresys Technology, a provider of technology and engineering services for customers with high-security requirements, announced this week it has established and awarded the first two grants of its new “Tresys Technology Scholarship” to UMBC students.  > Read more here

shriverpeaceworkers_2013Peaceworker Grads Give Back
Making a positive mark on society is part of the lifelong drive for graduates of UMBC’s Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program — so when we found out that the program’s 2011 cohort made (and fulfilled) a pledge for 100% giving to UMBC, we were obviously excited, but not a bit surprised! > Read more here


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